TAMMI WELLER: 7 gift ideas that'll be a guaranteed hit with your kids.

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Shopping for kids can be a mighty challenge, especially when there are so many options.

No day is ever the same when you're a mum. And as someone who is currently juggling a little bit of everything – working on social media as a content creator, getting a new business off the ground and running around after my two daughters, Ruby and Savannah – I understand all too well just how stressful this time of year can be. 

So this year, I was absolutely determined to stay on top of gifting, whether it be for Christmas, the onslaught of kids' birthday parties, or even the little presents to let someone know you love them.

That's where, comes in. The Aussie online marketplace offers LOADS of high-quality brands at affordable prices, with such fast delivery it makes shopping anywhere else an inconvenience. Which means I'm on my A-game this year when it comes to all-year gifting options for my girls, husband, dogs and other loved ones.

As such, here are all the gifts I've tried out from Catch recently that will be a guaranteed HIT with kids (and parents as well). 

Disney Winnie the Poo Eeyore Face Apron, $22.95

Image: Supplied. 


My girls have matching aprons and it is just the cutest thing ever because it completely sets the mood for their little cafe where they like to serve me up lattes and croissants at the moment. 

It's made from cotton twill, meaning any stains or spills make it easy to wash so they can pop them on and feel fresh every day.

Minnie Mouse Kids’ Upholstered Arm Chair, $99

Image: Supplied. 


Getting your kids each their own armchair is really the only successful way to make sure they don't fight.

What I love about them is that my daughters love to bring them into the lounge room for movie nights and leave my husband and I to spread out on the couch.

They're a hit guys, so please do yourself a favour and get one (or two...).

Rigo Range Rover, $139.95

Image: Catch.


I'm going to win some serious brownie points with my kids when I gift this to Ruby and Savannah. (I wish I had one as a kid.) 

It's their own mini Range Rover-inspired car. It features forward and reverse movements, (fake) acceleration pedals, and a rotating steering wheel. It gives your little ones a sense of control without actually granting them too much (it's all about balance, folks).  

There's also a safety seat belt and a remote control so they're always safe.

I cannot wait to give this to my girls.

Target Wooden Kitchen Accessories Set, $15

Image: Supplied. 


My girls love their toy kitchen, but a toy kitchen comes all the bells and whistles. I was able to find a wooden set with two plates, forks, knives, an adorable pot and salt and pepper shakers. 

Ruby and Savannah are obsessed. They're amazing quality and come at an affordable price (plus they're prettier than my kitchen utensils...).

Outdoor Bean Bag Pool Float, $245.65

Image: Supplied. 


In recent months, I've become absolutely addicted to bargain hunting and checking if the things I love, whether in-store or online, are cheaper on Catch. The marketplace offers great deals on all the famous (and trusted) brands we're familiar with, and there is an endless range of outdoor furniture, beauty, electronics, appliances, toys, and games to choose from. 

Which is why I'm recommending this Outdoor Bean Bag Pool Float to everyone I know and love (the kids love it too).


Earlier this year, I bought one for the pool, and they are great quality (I would know, we've been putting it to very good use) but what's funny is that I became obsessed with it after finding it on an aesthetically pleasing Instagram page. After searching, I realised it was available on Catch for a really good deal.

Talk about a win, amirite?

Keezi Kids Kitchen Playset, $160.95

Image: Supplied. 


This mini-kitchen is my girls' favourite thing to play with at the moment and is the perfect gift for kids because it means you can finally get them out of your own kitchen. 

I got mine for a pretty good price and it comes fully equipped and is incredibly easy to set up. It has cute little hangers, a tap and detachable sinks for "rinsing" and "washing" cutlery and a heap of storage space for shoving in all the toys you don't want to see day-to-day. 

I dare say it is my wisest purchase to this day. It lets the girls be creative and as someone who doesn't want them on their devices too much, this is the perfect distraction.

Razor Electric Scooter, $149

Image: Catch.


This scooter is the scooter of all scooters. 

Alright, I've said scooter too much, but I'm just really excited because this one is super affordable. It comes with 65 minutes of ride time and good muscle power behind it, meaning we parents don't have to push them around on it all day (my heels love me right now). 

It's lightweight, so when the kids inevitably want to run around, it's not too torturous to walk back with from the park. The ultimate low-maintenance gift that your kids will absolutely adore you for.

You're welcome, and happy gift giving!

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Tammi Weller is a lifestyle content creator, mother of two and business owner. You can find her on Instagram here.

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