STOP IT: Tamagotchis are coming back and our 90s childhood prayers have been answered.

There was no moment more painful in my childhood than when my sister stole my Tamagotchi, left it in her pocket and it went through the wash…

But today I can finally forgive her, because six different shell variations will go on sale next month for the pocket toy’s 20th anniversary.

All we can say is 90s kids, get ready to put your iPhone down and fill your time with trying to make sure your digital pet doesn’t die a horrible death.

The new releases are based on the 1997 design from Japan.

(Image via Bandai America.)

For those of you who have forgotten, Tamagotchi's start out as an egg before slowly growing into a creature.

For your creature to stay alive you must feed it, play with it and clean up its... waste.

More than 82-million Tamagotchi's have been sold worldwide since their launch. Despite the popular toy being hard to find for much of the past two decades, they've always been on sale in Japan.

The products will be available in US stores - creators Bandai haven't told us which ones - from 5 November for US$14.99  ($19.25), so Aussies will have to turn to online shops (and fork out for shipping).

There are said to only be a limited number of your favourite childhood toy being made, so if you're ready to constantly go to the bathroom at work so you can keep your digital creature alive, you should start ordering now.