4 sustainable care tips for making your clothes last longer, according to a fashion writer.

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There are two things I've come to believe as absolute truth: the first is that if you take care of your clothes, they’ll take care of you, and the second is that investment pieces are only worth investing in if you treat them with respect.  

Over the years, I’ve moved away from fast fashion brands and the instant gratification they inevitably bring, and instead, moved towards purchasing investment pieces that bring me countless experiences of joy. 

Yep, I’ve become one of those who rave about quality over quantity. 

My wardrobe now consists of clothing made ethically from beautiful and durable fabrics. So much so that I constantly feel as if I'm ready for my debut shoot with Vogue (and surely, they’ll call any day now?). 

Honestly, it’s paid off. 

I’m slowly curating a wardrobe that makes me feel both chic and smart. I see myself as a mix between Alexa Chung and Anna Wintour. 



However, once you begin investing in clothes, you usually start wanting to know how to preserve them. 

Yes, that expensive blazer by Maggie Marilyn you bought is worth it if you wear it for years, but you need to treat it correctly to maximise its lifespan.

Now, I should also flag here that I’m relatively lazy, and I tend to let anything that is too much work fall by the wayside.

So, naturally, I had to find a few ways to take care of my clothes that are easy, give me results and requires hardly any actual work — the actual dream, right? And I think I may have finally mastered it.

In the spirit of sharing, here are my top tips and tricks to making your clothes last the distance. 

1. Always use the right products.

I’ll be honest: I never used to know fabric conditioner existed. Instead, I was pretty content to throw my clothes in the wash with washing powder and then complain about the colour fading. So, discovering fabric conditioner was a revelation. 

When I found my favourite — Comfort Ultra Care Fabric Conditioner — I couldn’t believe the difference it made to the longevity of my clothing. It was like it gave them a whole new life, and a better one at that! 


It’s the extra dressing every dirty washing pile deserves, and the benefits of treating your clothes to fabric conditioner are endless. 

Image: Supplied.

It stops clothing from fading, soothes fibres, helps clothes retain their shape and increases protection against bobbling. 

Comfort Ultra Care Fabric Conditioner, especially, is like medicine for your clothes. It’s the secret ingredient to keeping them fresh and lush, and it’s the perfect way to take care of your fashion with basically no effort, so that’s music to my ears.


I’ve noticed a massive difference in the quality of my clothes since I started using it — they are thriving! 

2. Never underestimate the power of a delicate bag.

I never used to bother with delicate bags because, honestly, I didn’t understand what they did or if they made a difference.

However, once I started using them on my delicates — basically anything made from a more fragile material like your silk and lace — I was amazed at how much they saved them from being stretched out in the washing machine. 

So now, anything precious, I just pop in my delicates bag! 

It’s effortless, effective and makes me feel like I have my life together and also means I can justify splurging on the more delicate fabrics that I love. 

This is gorgeous news because silk shirts are having a moment. 


3. Remember that the dryer isn't always your friend.

I know it’s tempting, but I only use a dryer as a last resort. If you’re running late for something or it’s been raining for days, then, by all means, chuck your clothes in the dryer... but if the sun is shining, get them outside on the line pronto.

The clothesline is your friend, and it’s good for the environment. Your clothes also won’t shrink or be tossed around too much. 

Think of hanging your clothes out on the line as sending them to a relaxing day spa — and trust me, they deserve it. 

4. Invest in ~fancy~ hangers. 

This one is simple, but plastic or wire hangers tend to stretch clothes out, and now that I tend to only buy investment pieces, I need them to keep their shape.

So, I’ve switched to wooden hangers, and it has made a huge difference. My clothes are preserving their shape better, and my wardrobe looks quite fancy. 

Also, I love that these tend to come in a set and require zero upkeep. Amen to that! 

Image: Supplied.


I love my clothes, and as someone trying to buy less and enjoy the wardrobe I have, it’s really important that my clothes last and become an investment.

Not only is it better for the environment, but they will look better on me. 

My mother may have been right.

If you look after your clothes — separate the colours from the whites, use the right products for the right fabrics, and take some loving care with your clothes — they last longer and look better.

And as you step out your door, looking and feeling good, this attention to detail becomes its own reward.

Give your clothes the love and care they deserve by using Comfort Ultra Care Fabric Conditioner, available at your local grocery store.

Feature Image: Instagram @maryrosem/Mamamia.

Comfort Ultra-Care is our updated range of fabric conditioner, which has been scientifically developed to go beyond the traditional benefits of Fabric conditioner. Using a Bio-based polymer, Comfort Ultra-Care provides 8 in 1 benefits for your clothes while improving fragrance and softness with every wash. Ultra-Care helps protect your clothes in each and every wash, ensuring that shape, texture and colour is protected to help you keep your clothes longer. Comfort created this product to help contribute to the fight against clothes wastage and is encouraging Aussies to cherish what they have instead of throwing it away!