The chair that turns you into a human taco, because who doesn't want that?

Just when you thought you couldn’t get any more comfortable in the space of your own home, a bunch of innovative wunderkinds have come up with the one thing your ‘Netflix and chill’ life has truly been missing: the taco couch.

Officially known as the Blandito, this floor level taco-shaped couch has been designed to envelop you and your significant other/one-nighter/cat/regrets from last night and secure you into the sport with a giant button.

Sadly, it’s BYO salsa and cheese.

taco couch

The taco couch makes being single the ultimate dream. Source:Oradaria Design

Speaking to Behance about their creation, the UK team of designers explained that with the help of "a fabric stockist, a do-it-yourself shop, an ironmongery, a sewing machine, a hammer, two sprays, a garden hose, two foam sheets, 20 eyelets, eight kilos of polyester staple fiber, four tapestry wooden balls, two metres of elastic cord, a lot of patience, fantasy, enthusiasm, and sleepless nights," the chair was born.


"From a chat about the traditional living room, arose the idea to completely redesign the sofa morphology," they continued.

"Immediately a lot of sketches, thoughts, questions: if this sofa had no legs? Neither arms nor back? If it was a big pillow? And if this pillow could be folded, wrapped, twisted as much as you like? And if it was 360° useful?"

taco couch

The taco couch is also duo friendly. Source:Oradaria Design.

This was the result.

And in news that will be surprising to no one, the design has already proved to be a huge hit, selling out of its initial production run within weeks. When the next batch is dropping, no one knows.

For the meantime, though, here's to being snug as a bug in a... taco.