Seven Year Switch's Cassie has a message for new mums.

Having appeared on Channel 7 reality relationship show Seven Year Switch with her partner Ryan earlier this year, mum-of-four Cassie Thistleton seems to have no intention of sharing her private life anytime soon, and quite frankly, we couldn’t be happier.

From the moving story of her stillborn son, Dex, to her confessions about her family’s financial status and the day-to-day challenges of being a mum, her raw honesty is as refreshing as it is long overdue. And her latest confession is no different.

Sharing a side-by-side comparison image of herself to Instagram on Tuesday and admitting to feeling the “post-baby body” pressure, Thistelton wrote, “12 Weeks Pregnant v 12 Weeks Postpartum. Excuse the pics, don’t stress it’s only skin and we all have it! Whilst I was 12 weeks pregnant in the first photo it’s important to remember I was also only 12 months postpartum from my 3rd pregnancy at this time also! I had only started training at 5 months postpartum so super impressed with how well I had done!” she explained.

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“I would absolutely love to have my 12 week pregnancy body back in another 9 months time. But given this is now my 4th child I am being realistic when I say that I will probably never ever look like that again!

“I am currently training 3 days a week so not over doing it and because Mena is still feeding on demand and every 2-3 hours I am literally running straight there and back again in between feeds! My 1.5hrs out of the house is doing wonders for my sanity as well. Comparing pics side by side keeps me honest and has me returning to the gym!


“Comparing pics side by side keeps me honest and has me returning to the gym! I know as women even though we absolutely love our Mummy roles, we sacrifice so much for these little monkeys and our bodies are the first to go! I’m taking my training one day at a time. I am not putting any crazy expectations on myself, heck I have I have enough stress already!”

Ryan, Cassie and their three daughters. Source: Instagram.

"Supporting all you Mumma's out there on your own journey getting back to some resemblance of your old self!

"Don't ever feel selfish for taking a little time for you... YOU are the captain of your ship.. If you go down your teeny tiny crew and ship will sink too!"

Ryan and Cassie on the Seven Year Switch finale. Source: Channel 7

Despite facing a barrage of backlash in recent weeks, the photo has struck a chord with the reality star's followers, many leaving positive comments and thanking her for her honesty.

"You have a beautiful body! Keeping it real for all us mums!," one user commented.

"Thank you for making us "not so perfect bodied" mothers feel a little better about ourselves tonight!," another commented.

And you know what? We couldn't agree more.

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