Mamamia Recommends: Sydney's new classical music concert for kids.

Sydney Symphony Orchestra
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If there’s one thing about parenting that I didn’t expect, it’s just how much time I’d need to spend thinking up… activities. Long gone are the quieter newborn days when lying on a mat looking at a black and white butterfly was the height of entertainment — now the question, "What are we doing today, Mum?" haunts my very dreams. 

Show me a parent with (gulp) a free weekend, and I’ll show you a parent frantically Googling 'kids' activities in my city'.

Luckily, my family lives in Sydney, which — in my humble view — is one of the very best places in the world to raise young kids. Not only do we have glorious beaches to keep us entertained all summer, but there is a huge range of cultured activities to get us through all year round. 

One of the most incredible things about living where we do is that there’s no shortage of new kid-friendly things to see and do every year. I’m always on the lookout for unique experiences we can take advantage of as a family — which is why I was so excited to learn about the family event, The Symphonic World of Dance coming to the Sydney Opera House this July.

What is the Symphonic World of Dance about?

The Symphonic World of Dance is a family concert by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra bringing together music inspired by dance from all over the world in one spectacular setting. It promises to be lively, energetic, and designed just for families — so just as fascinating and accessible for little ears as it will be for big ones. 


Come for the…

World-class musicians, immersive sensory experience and amazing learning opportunity for your kids. 

Even the most distractible kids will be enthralled as the Sydney Symphony Orchestra takes the audience on a journey through the dance music of the world, from waltzes to folk dances to sambas. Live classical music is great for concentration because it stimulates kids’ minds and opens a door to a world of creativity and play, which is why it’s been a favourite for parents of little ones for so many years. 


Let’s put it this way — if you, like me, played Mozart to your unborn child during pregnancy, then it’s probably about time to delve back into the world of classical music with your kids and watch just how it gets their minds ticking. 

Stay for the…

Relaxed environment that’s perfect for families, including kids five and over. 

One thing I’ve noticed about taking my kids out and about as they get older is that, although they seem mature enough for certain experiences, their short attention spans often get in the way. It’s a huge relief to go into a performance knowing that the whole atmosphere is designed with families in mind, so if there’s a wriggle or a squeak here or there, I won’t be getting any dirty looks. This is a performance where toe-tapping, knee-banging and arm-waving is not just welcomed, but encouraged, so I know my little dance-lovers will feel right at home. 

And if you’re looking for an event that’s just as grandparent-friendly as it is kid-friendly, look no further: all members of your family will love the chance to share the classical music experience with your kids as much as you will. That’s a three-generation tick of approval. 

What’s so unique about it?

The concert takes place at the iconic Sydney Opera House — need I say more? Whether you’re travelling to Sydney or revelling in the experience of being a tourist in your own city, attending a performance at the Sydney Opera House is a bucket-list item for so many people for a very good reason. And if that’s not enough, the Sydney Symphony Orchestra is among the best in the Asia-Pacific, so the opportunity to hear them play a concert that’s been specially designed for children and adults alike is absolutely not to be missed. 


Why does Mamamia recommend it?

Classical music can be tricky to introduce to younger kids because the concerts can be long — not to mention they often start after bedtime. That’s a huge shame, because hearing a symphony orchestra live is an experience that kids will remember for their whole lives. Exposing children to different forms of arts and culture is a great way to give them a lifelong appreciation for the arts, which is one of my family’s key values, and also to build their cognitive and creative skills. And of course, the dance music focus means it’s going to be a whole lot of fun for parents and kids alike. 

Okay, what’s the practical stuff I need to know?

The Symphonic World of Dance is happening on July 20 in the Sydney Opera House Concert Hall. There are two performances, at 10.00am and 12.15pm. The concert is family-friendly and suitable for kids ages five and up. Tickets are all $35, plus booking fee. 

Book your tickets to The Symphonic World of Dance, a Sydney Symphony Family Event.

Feature Image: Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Symphony Orchestra
The Symphonic World of Dance, a Sydney Symphony Family Event.
Experience classical music that makes you move in this special concert with the Sydney Symphony.
Music has an incredible power to make us feel good and get us moving. In this unique Sydney Symphony Family Event, hear how music for dance has made its way into concert halls around the world, from the waltzes of Vienna and the folk dances of eastern Europe to the vibrant energy of the can-can and the irresistible rhythms of Brazil.
20 July | 10:00am & 12:15pm Sydney Opera House Concert Hall. BOOK NOW.