Sylvia Jeffreys has many talents, but keeping pets alive is not one of them.

Sylvia Jeffreys is wonderful on-screen, wonderful off-screen but don’t say we didn’t warn you if you go near her with your pets and your plants.

The TV presenter admitted on The Today Show’s Mixed Grill segment that she wasn’t the most responsible pet-owner, sheepishly admitting her track record wasn’t flash when it comes to keeping the plants and pets in her immediate vicinity alive.

Appearing alongside Mamamia’s Jo Abi and discussing whether it’s appropriate to allow dogs into the office, conversation inevitably turned to the struggle of caring for pets at home, let alone the office. However, Jeffreys admitted she couldn’t possibly look after a dog at work if she cannot keep a plant alive at home.

“I’ve recently acquired a jasmine plant which I have been told are un-killable. And I killed it,” she told Karl Stefanovic. “I don’t think I could be responsible for a pet.”

But surely a goldfish is low-maintenance enough to handle for someone not particularly pet-literate?

Not for Jeffreys, apparently.

Through a giggle, the 30-year-old admitted she has had some unfortunate run-ins with pet goldfish in the past.

“I did have a recent incident with a goldfish… They died. Immediately.”

However, when pressed, Jeffreys acknowledged the entire ordeal wasn’t just her fault, telling the show a friend came over and put them in the bottom of her fountain. Although it seemed like a good idea at the time, dirty, untreated water and fish didn’t mesh so well, with the fish losing its life in the process.

So maybe we’ll keep her from being branded as a pet-murderer, and leave it at plant-killer.