Sylvia Jeffreys on how she protects herself from criticism.

“It’s best to protect myself.”

Sylvia Jeffreys has spoken to Harper’s Bazaar about the shocking criticism she receives from the public and what she does to protect herself.

The 29-year-old Today Show host replaced Georgie Gardner on the breakfast program almost a year ago, which resulted in her becoming one of the most recognisable faces on Australian TV.

Obviously, because people are jerks, this means she cops a lot of flack about her appearance. Her appearance, which we reckon is pretty bloody great, is not what makes Jeffreys good at her job, nor is it what makes her a great person.

Sylvia Jeffreys. More than just a face. A very, very beautiful one at that.

But this doesn’t stop people from trying to tear her down through the Internet.

Jeffreys says one of her tactics to combat the ridiculous critics is to never read the Today Show‘s inbox.

Sylvia Jeffreys appeared in a series of videos for Mamamia where smart, successful Australian women read mean tweets about themselves. Post continues after video. 

“I know there’s probably stuff in there I don’t want to see… at this point not even a year into the job it’s best to protect myself,” she told Harper’s Bazaar.

“Someone once said my teeth are too white. And another person told me I look like Beetlejuice.”

Sylvia, we’ve just got one piece of advice for you:

Shake it off, Sylvia. You’re beautiful.

Want to click through a gallery of Sylvia’s face that deserves absolutely no criticism whatsoever? We’ve got you covered.

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