Sylvia Jeffreys' early morning routine makes your 6am alarm look generous.

If the sound of your early morning alarm going off each day makes you want to cry, spare a thought for news presenter Sylvia Jeffreys, who detailed her day-to-day routine on Tuesday.

Starting with a snap time-stamped 4:11 am, (I honestly feel like I’m going to vomit from sleep exhaustion just typing that), Jeffreys shared a step-by-step of her weekday morning rituals, starting with being dressed, rugged up in a coat and having just arrived at the Channel 9 office.

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Incredibly, even that early in the morning Jeffreys looked ultra-glowing and well rested, which confirms my belief that life is cruel and unkind to mere mortals.

The following image, posted eight minutes later at 4.19 am shows Jeffreys reading the morning newspapers and catching up with what’s going on around the world.

Steps one, two and three. Source: Instagram.

At 4.27 am we see the Today presenter in the makeup chair with a hairdresser on one side of her and a makeup artist on the other. It would almost seem like a charmed life if it wasn't So. Bloody. Early.

40 minutes of hair and makeup magic later, we see Jeffreys in her work wardrobe selecting an outfit for the day. (The choice is clear, obviously, pick Lisa Wilkinson's blouse, Sylvia!)

Steps four, five and six. Source: Instagram.

By 5.22 am, the 31-year-old newlywed is suited, booted, blow-waved and blushed to perfection and ready to head to the desk.

25 minutes later, Jeffreys is on set next to her brother-in-law and Today co-host Karl Stefanovic, ready to bring the news to all of us lugs who are just beginning to wake up around the country.

Sylvia, if you're reading this, surrendering your weekdays and mornings in one go is truly a civic duty, and we appreciate you doing it more than you'll ever know.