Sylvia Jeffreys: "Adjusting to that new level of attention was a challenge."

It’s something journalists rarely think about and bizarre when it happens – instead of chasing the news, you become the news.

In the past few years, Sylvia Jeffreys has experienced the phenomenon and admits she “struggles” with her relatively new-found fame.

The 30-year-old has been Channel Nine’s resident Today Show news reporter since 2014 (taking over from Georgie Gardner) and told radio presenter Rachel Corbett it was a “difficult” transition from her brief onscreen appearances reporting in Nine’s evening news.

"It was a really interesting transition and by interesting I mean difficult, at times," she told Corbett on her podcast, You've Gotta Start Somewhere.

"I dealt with it by phoning my mum on a regular basis in the first six months. It was tricky and nothing can really prepare you for it."

Making her push into the limelight a little bit more challenging was the fact she began dating fellow Nine reporter, and now husband, Peter Stefanovic.

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"For whatever reason there is quite a bit of interest in breakfast television and the people who front it," she told Corbett.

"And that happened at a time when I started dating Pete as well ... that kind of amplified the interest a little bit as well.

"We went from being nobodies to having photographers follow us around the place which was pretty bizarre."

A recent example was when, on the pair's wedding day, a photographer ended up driving into a dam trying to "crash" her wedding.


"Shout out to the determined pap who was this keen to crash our wedding (no pun intended)," the bride captioned a hilarious photo of the car on Instagram.

"Not sure how you managed to drive into a dam... but hope you've dried out."

However, desperate paparazzi aren't enough to make Jeffrey's regret taking her high-profile job.

"It’s a job that I thought I’d be lucky to get in another 10 or 20 years time, so I was thrilled and excited and extremely grateful, but just adjusting to that new level of attention was certainly a challenge."