Many are angry with Sonia Kruger. Not Sylvia Jeffreys.

Sonia Kruger‘s TODAY show co-host Sylvia Jeffreys has defended her right to make comments about banning Muslim immigration, asserting her friend is “not a racist”.

On the show this morning, Jeffreys told viewers that while she didn’t necessarily agree with Kruger’s controversial proposition, she would defend her right to voice an opinion.

“Sonia is not racist. She is a compassionate, intelligent and thoughtful person,” Jeffreys said.

“She spoke yesterday with brutal honesty on her emotions as a mother. I don’t agree with Sonia’s argument, plenty of people don’t, plenty of people do, but I respect Sonia’s right to voice her opinion.”

Jeffreys added that Kruger was “copping a mountain of criticism”, and would continue to do so for the new few days and maybe weeks.

Jeffreys’ comments came as Kruger apologised for her offensive statements, saying she has “complete respect for people of all races and religions”.

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