Here's what Sylvia Jeffreys and Lisa Wilkinson eat for breakfast at the Today desk.

Ever wondered what Today presenters Lisa Wilkinson and Sylvia Jeffreys eat for breakfast at the desk each morning? Now we know.

In a short behind-the-scenes video uploaded to the Today Show Facebook page on Thursday morning, Sylvia shared her breakfast was a nutritious staple.

“Porridge, a bit of cinnamon and some banana,” she said showing fans.

Sylvia is Team Porridge. (Image via Facebook/Today.)

Meanwhile, Lisa's breakfast was a little bit fancier - and she loves it so much she's had it "every day for the past three years."

It's not a "traditional muesli", rather a blend made by Queensland-based company goodMix that's made up of "a lot of seeds and nuts soaked in water".

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The 57-year-old added co-host Karl Stefanovic eats the same museli for breakfast, except he adds honey.

Then, revealing a plate with about 10 passionfruit halves on it, Lisa told viewers what makes the dish her favourite, "and on top I put..."

"-every passionfruit in the country is right here," Sylvia chimed in.

Lots of passionfruit! (Image via Facebook/Today.)

"I just put lots and lots and lots of passionfruit on top," Lisa explained.

"This is the best breakfast ever."

Delicious, yes, though at around $1.50 a passionfruit, Lisa's looking at a bowl of at least $7.50 worth of fruit right there.

The presenters then invited viewers to share their breakfasts in the comments below, and if we didn't have food envy before that point, we did after seeing some of the Today fans had whipped up that morning.

One woman shared a photo of the "half an avocado on sourdough with Greek feta and sun dried tomato" she prepared. Others uploaded snaps of berry chia pudding, smoothies, breakfast rolls and bacon and eggs.

And then there was the mum who, in my opinion, is very much eating the breakfast of champions.

"I had sneaky Tim Tam slams while getting kids ready. I don't care that it's not healthy. It's like my irresponsible mum win," she wrote.