Sylvia Jefferys and Peter Stefanovic share snaps of romantic getaway.

We’re officially on ring watch.

After a year of long distance, Sylvia Jeffreys, 28, and Peter Stefanovic, 32, have reunited in the most romantic way possible. In Paris, of course.

The Channel 9 journalists have shared a number of cute snaps of each other, enjoying the sights.

“Paris, pure magic. Au revoir for now. We will be back @peter_stefanovic,” Slyvia wrote from outside the Lourve.

Image via Instagram.

Peter also shared an Instagram picture of the couple in a cafe in Paris, “We got the hang of this French thing. On the Hemingway trail through Parisian bars with @sylviajeffreys.”

The couple met earlier this year while working together on The Today Show, but Peter had to return to Europe where he is currently based as a correspondent.

Image via Instagram.

Despite the distance, Sylvia previously revealed to Daily Mail Australia that the pair are working well, explaining, "It's not hard at all, it's all good. We're both working really hard at the moment, we'll have a holiday this Christmas together."

Peter's brother and Today's co-host Karl Stefanovic has previously teased the couple on air about when they'll be tying the knot.  In June, Karl asked Sylvia if marrying Peter was, “something you would consider in your future?” to which Jeffreys replied she “would like to keep my options open, test the water”.

Maybe Sylvia will be coming home with a very sparkly Christmas present.

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