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1. Friend jailed for supplying pills to Sylvia Choi who died at Stereosonic musical festival.

A friend of pharmacist Sylvia Choi, who supplied her with a “yellow Snapchat” ecstasy pill and an MDMA capsule that killed her at the Stereosonic musical festival last November, has been sentenced to a minimum of six months in jail.

Physiotherapist Daniel Dung Huynh, 26, was released on bail after his legal team appealed his one-year maximum sentence yesterday.

The court heard that Huynh arranged the drugs for Choi, her boyfriend Sam Song and eight other friends.

In a WhatsApp conversation about the ecstasy pills Huynh told the group to take the drugs in halves reports Fairfax Media.

“They’re called yellow snapchats,” the court heard Huynh said.

“About 200-250mg in concentration. Its suggested all over the net to take half. Then the other half and hr later. Btw if ever caught and brought into questioning by cops and u don’t have anything on you Deny deny deny and say it must have been the weird mirky water you drank from a random.”

Ms Choi wrote saying: “Hmm have a bad track record with halves lol.”

Huynh: “At most then syl do half and then the next half 15 mins later.”

Ms Choi: “Yea I suppose”.

Mr Song told police that at the festival, around 5.15pm she told him. “I took it”, but later told him she was not “feeling her high”

He claims he saw her drinking from a water bottle “with stuff in it, but around 8pm she was unsteady on her feet.


She was rushed to hospital but died that evening.

2. Woman jailed for 1997 baby snatch from hospital.

A woman who snatched a newborn baby from her mother’s bedside in 1997 has been jailed for ten years after her crime was finally discovered 17 years later.

Zephany Nurse was taken from hospital in Cape Town, South Africa, by a woman dressed as a member of medical staff as her mother recovered from a caesarean section operation.

Her abductor, a woman now aged 51, managed to keep the crime secret for years and raised Zephany as her own daughter. The woman was finally discovered when she enrolled Zephany – who had been renamed – at the same school as her biological sister and staff noticed their resemblance. DNA tests later confirmed their suspicions.

Overnight the woman, cannot be named to protect the identity of her victim was jailed.

Zephany’s biological parents, Celeste and Morne Nurse, said they never lost hope that she would eventually be found. But according to The Daily Mail their daughter has since rejected them as she apparently considers her kidnapper’s family to be her own. Zephany is continuing to live with the man who brought her up as a father.

“Finding her was the best news ever, but it feels like we’ve lost her again,” said Morne Nurse. “Our hearts are broken.”

3. Woman arrested after assault on Vic MP.

A 52-year-old woman has been arrested after allegedly attacking Victorian MP Jane Garrett.

Ms Garrett was allegedly assaulted by a woman in Carlton while walking along Drummond Street on Monday afternoon.


It was reported that the offender grabbed Ms Garrett’s hair and attempted to push her through a window.

A 52-year-old woman was arrested on Monday night and is currently being interviewed, a police spokesperson said.

4. Rio Olympics: Anna Meares bows out.

Anna Meares Olympic campaign has ended after the defending champion bowed out before the quarter finals in the women’s sprint in Rio last night. There is speculation that it may be Anna Meares last competitive ride as she prepares to announce her retirement.

While the Hockeyroos have also finished their bid for a medal, they lost 4-2 to New Zealand in the quarter finals.

Australia’s women’s water polo team have bowed out of the Olympics, losing 5-3 in a penalty shoot-out to Hungary.

While Aussie Kayakers Alyssa Bull, 20, and Alyce Burnett, 24, have made it through to the women’s K2 500m final.

Medal Tally:

USA: 26 Gold 22 Silver 24 Bronze

GREAT BRITAIN:  16 Gold 16 Silver 8 Bronze

CHINA: 15  Gold 14  Silver 17 Bronze

RUSSIA:  9 Gold 12 Silver 11 Bronze

GERMANY: 8 Gold 6 Silver 5 Bronze

5. Caster Semenya sends message to haters as international media again question whether she should be running in 800m.

Caster Semenya, the world champion who has testosterone levels three times the normal level found in women, no womb or ovaries, and owing to a chromosomal abnormality, internal testes is the favourite to win gold at the 800m race in Rio on Wednesday.


The South African has used social media to show her haters she won’t be phased by their smear campaigns.

Semenya, who was subjected to gender testing after winning world 800m gold in 2009 is said to be a serious threat to break the 33-year-old world record in the 800 meters, after drugs she was ordered to be on to lower her testosterone were stopped last year after a challenge by another athlete.

On Twitter the much celebrated athlete wrote: “You try to give me stress, I give you a heart attack, its a warning, try me.”

6. Pauline Hanson has denied responsibility after her supporters stormed a church service in an anti-Islam stunt.

One Nation leader Pauline Hanson has denied responsibility after a group of her supporters stormed a church service in an anti-Islam stunt.

Dressed in Muslim-style attire and chanting anti-Islamic rhetoric. about 10 members of the Party for Freedom disrupted the morning sermon at the Gosford Anglican Church on Sunday.

The church is widely known for its embrace of multiculturalism and refugees reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

Father Rod Bower said some members of the congregation were left “deeply traumatised” by the intrusion.

But Pauline Hanson said yesterday she had no hand in their actions. “I think it’s uncalled for media to blame One Nation or myself for these actions, the same way as Islamic groups warned media of blaming them for [Lindt cafe gunman] Man Monis’ behaviour,” she said.


7. Naturopath to face trial over alleged raw food diet advice for breastfeeding mother.

A Sydney naturopath will face trial over a raw food diet she allegedly devised for a breastfeeding mother, whose baby nearly starved to death.

Marilyn Bodnar, 60, appeared in Campbelltown Local Court yesterday charged with recklessly causing grievous bodily harm and aiding or abetting failure to provide necessities of life to a child. She is yet to enter a formal plea, however, the ABC reports she will plead not guilty.

The baby’s mother, a maternity nurse, had gone to Bodnar seeking advice for her baby son’s eczema. It is alleged Bodnar told the woman, who was still breastfeeding, the eczema was caused by “toxins”, which needed to “be eliminated”, and she advised her to go on a raw food diet of water and watermelon for three days.

When the baby boy became sick and when the mother told Bodnar her child was projectile vomiting, the naturopath allegedly said it was good because he was “deeply eliminating” the toxins.

Bodnar’s lawyer Alex Walker argued the blame lay with the child’s mother, not the naturopath. “Whilst unconventional advice may have been given by Marilyn as to how to cure the infant’s eczema, it is the reckless and negligent actions of the infant’s mother, a former registered nurse, that directly impacted the child’s health.”

Bodnar was committed to stand trial at Parramatta District Court next month.

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