This woman's balayage request turned into a complete nightmare. 

We’ve all had a bad haircut or two in our lives. But rarely do they end with the hairdresser calling security.

That’s apparently what happened to Sydney woman Nina Mather on Monday. So upset was she by her botched hair colour, that staff at her salon of choice allegedly telephoned police and centre security guards.

It was the icing on the nightmarish cake for the social worker, who claims the dye job left her looking like “trailer trash”.

Nina before her dye job, during her dye job and....

Venting about the experience on Facebook, Mather wrote that she entered the salon with a photograph of her ideal look - perfectly blended balayage - but when the hairdresser completed the job, she quickly realised that wasn't what she received.

"I complained and said I wouldn't pay, so they tried to fix with more bleach until I was so upset they called security and cops!! Law states I have to pay the $200 and get back through fair trading - what a joke," she wrote on Facebook.

"$200 bucks worth of bottle bleach!! Worst customer service doesn't even begin. RIP my awesome hair." [sic]

...after her dye job. Images: Facebook.

The social worker later claimed in the comments that the 'do was actually meant to cost $260, but the salon reduced it by $60 to "make me happy".

She wasn't. And sadly, that hadn't changed a day later.

Mather reported that she had since sought salvation with a new stylist, but the news wasn't good:

"Have been told by new hairdresser that my hair can not be continued for style I wanted, but needs urgent treatment and dyed back to dark to heal." [sic]

Ouch. We feel you, Nina.