Sydney siege gunman was "obsessed" with Sunrise.



Sydney siege gunman, Man Haron Monis, has apparently spent years lobbying the Australian media watchdog, the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), over what he perceived to be breaches in broadcasting regulation by Channel 7’s Sunrise breakfast show.

 Over a six year period, Monis was obsessed with Sunrise and the Martin Place area.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that “correspondence associated with the dispute about Seven and the Australian Communications and Media Authority that Monis sent to other authorities, contain numerous references to ‘Martin Place’ and ‘acts of terrorism’, confirming his six-year obsession with the location.”

It is believed that the 50-year-old gunman lodged his first complaint about Sunrise back in 2007. In it, he claimed that Sunrise’s coverage of the Glasgow terror attacks had indirectly provided viewers with instructions on how to conduct terrorism.

He sent repeated letters to authorities about this incident alleging that Channel 7’s failed to investigate ‘terrorist acts at Martin Place, Sydney, Australia’ (in apparent reference to Sunrise’s story on events in Glasgow).

 On his website Monis says he was ‘woken up’ by Sunrise.

In 2012, Monis made just one post on his website in which he wrote, “until 4th July 2007 I was in a deep sleep. Sunrise woke me up! God can awaken a person by many different means even by a terrorist broadcast from the program Sunrise on Channel Seven from the Australian TV!

I thank God and I won’t give up until the Australian government condemns that broadcast which was instructing terrorism.”

Floral tributes at Martin Place.

Due to the nature and consistency of these complaint,s there is speculation that Channel 7’s Martin Place studios were the original target of Monis’ hold-up which took place in the Lindt Cafe last week.

A spokesperson for Channel 7 told The Daily Mail that the station would make no comment about Monis until investigations into the siege were complete.