A Sydney restaurant is receiving death threats over a joke about Easter.

A Sydney restaurant has asked the public to stop contacting them “with death threats and threats of extreme violence,” in response to a meme it posted on Good Friday.

Mamasan, a Japanese restaurant in Surry Hills, posted an image to Facebook with text that read ‘Mamasan is closed tonight. It’s all Jesus’ fault.’

Image via Facebook.

Staff member Adam Hunt, who initially posted the meme, apologised to the restaurant's Facebook followers on Saturday, after receiving significant backlash online.

"Yesterday I posted some images that made light of religion, and even worse, attached them to the Mamasan Surry Hills page," he wrote.

"This was the stupidest thing I have ever done."

Hunt went on to say he was "deeply sorry for the offence that I have caused you all," and said, "I deserve anger, and I probably deserve some abuse back because of the offensive nature of my stupid post".

However, he asked that "people stop contacting the restaurant with death threats and threats of extreme violence against myself and the staff."

Hours later, owner Gemma Lin shared a message, saying "I have always, and will continue to love, support and encourage my customers from a myriad of races, religions, social minorities and majorities".

Lin expressed her shock over the threats directed at the business, "through social media, digital platforms, telephone calls and emails".

She then shared screenshots of the threats and abuse received by the restaurant, including one comment that expressed hope the business would "get bombed and you die in the explosion".

Another read, "I wanna nail his hands to his wall," while a response to that comment said, "I will hold him... while you nail him. We can use nail guns. They are not painful enough".

Ultimately, Lin said that in order to respect those the post offended, the restaurant has chosen to close over the Easter long weekend.