Precisely 7 reasons to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 2020.

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When I became a parent, I knew that I wanted to share my love for travel and trying new experiences with my children.

For me, they are some of the greatest gifts you can give, because you’re making memories together as a family that you share as one.

So that is what we have done.

From snorkelling with green sea turtles in Hawaii, to witnessing the grandeur of the Franz Josef Glacier in New Zealand, already our family has experienced so many amazing adventures.

But for our next one, I am not looking overseas because living in Australia, we are lucky to be surrounded by countless opportunities in our own backyard. And the one I definitely have my eye on is BridgeClimb Sydney.

In March, it will be a remarkable 88 years since the Sydney Harbour Bridge opened, so what better way to celebrate that (as well as my daughter’s eighth birthday), than to climb what is undoubtedly one of the country’s most exceptional attractions and family-friendly experiences?

Here are seven other great reasons to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 2020 and to do it together as a family.

1. It’s for both kids and adults.

If you have children aged between eight and 15 (and taller than 1.2m), they can join you on a BridgeClimb.

And if your children are like mine, they will most likely lead the way.

Right now, there is the special family deal where you save 30 per cent on child prices with each accompanying adult. It’s running for Climbs booked from now until February 29, 2020, and you can do your Climb up until April 26.

2. The views are a million times better than screens.

If you are searching for that certain something that can willingly entice your kids away from their device (and possibly your own as well), BridgeClimb is it.

Whether you’re a Sydneysider or from further away, you’ll see the 360-degree panorama of Sydney Harbour, including new sights like Barangaroo, and forget about screens altogether.

And if you’re worried about not having a photo to show everyone you did it, don’t be. If you’re climbing to the summit, you receive a group photo, a certificate of achievement and a BridgeClimb cap too.

3. The birthdays are beyond.

What an incredible surprise would the present of BridgeClimb be? It’s a popular choice for birthdays for both adults and kids alike (just make sure the kids get out of bed in time if it’s a dawn climb).


And to top it off, have it captured with what would have to be one of the most ultimate family photos ever – a shot on the top of one of Australia’s most famous landmarks.

4. The safety level is top notch.

Nerves are natural, but don’t be worried about safety. It’s the most important part of doing BridgeClimb, and the Climb leaders take this seriously.

Everyone is safely strapped into a harness, and kids get smaller suits, belts, mittens or fleeces, depending on the day’s weather conditions.

You can choose to go up to the Summit or take the smaller Sampler route, if you’re nervous. And if you’re like me and a little cautious, it’s helpful to remember that the Climb is led by highly trained and experienced Climb leaders who do this every single day.

5. There’s a real sense of achievement.

My kids love when they have overcome an obstacle or challenge or have done something that they never thought they could.

Whether it’s reading a book, doing a cartwheel or making it across the monkey bars unaided, that gleam in their eye and proud smile of achievement, well, there’s nothing better to witness as a parent.

So, if your child lives for adventure, or even if they are perhaps on the more ‘sensible’ side, climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge will still tick all the boxes of achievement for your kids (and let’s be honest, you too).

6. It’s a secret history lesson wrapped up in fun.

Being an ex-teacher, learning isn’t just important for me, it is fun. And apparently that has rubbed off on my children, who both get so passionate about learning all they can about everything from insects, volcanoes to waterslides.

The Climb includes an amazing history lesson through your knowledgeable leader, about the Bridge itself but also of Sydney.

So, my inner nerd is jumping up and down because for me, probably the most exciting thing about the Bridge Climb it’s not only an incredible experience, it’s a learning one too.

7. EVERYONE has done it.

Celebrities including Prince Harry, Nicole Kidman, Katy Perry, Oprah and David Beckham have all experienced BridgeClimb.

So, why not follow in their footsteps and together with your family, seize the day. Do the BridgeClimb – I’ll see you there.

For more information on the 30 per cent off family offer and the kinds of climbs available, visit

Feature image: Supplied by BridgeClimb Sydney

BridgeClimb Sydney

The family value offer includes 30% off the standard price of a child when booked with one accompanying adult. Children must be aged 8-15 inclusive to participate. The offer is eligible on all Climbs booked between 20 January 2020 - 29 February 2020 for climbs until 26 April 2020 using the promotion code FAMILY30 at checkout. Click here for more infomation.