Sydney fires: Child thrown out window of Ashfield flat engulfed in flames.

By Michelle Brown and Mark Reddie.

Four people, including a four-year-old boy, are in hospital after escaping a unit fire in Sydney’s inner-west this morning.

The boy was thrown from the window of the Ashfield unit and caught by a bystander.

Police said a man in his 30s sustained serious leg injuries when he jumped from the first-floor window.

“When he fell down I just saw he was here crying help me, help me,” neighbour Santosh Poudel said.

A woman still trapped in the burning flat was rescued by firefighters, and nine neighbours were evacuated from the building.

An investigation has begun into the cause of the blaze.

Chief Inspector Michael O’Rourke, from NSW Police, said the fire caused extensive damage.

“It was very fortunate actually that the NSW Fire and Rescue officers got there in the nick of time to stop it spreading to other units,” he said.

“We’re very pleased that there weren’t further injuries, obviously.

“There were serious injuries to the man’s legs but it certainly could have been a lot worse.”

Five-hour battle with separate blaze

Further west, police are investigating a fire that engulfed a string of shops in flames at Fairfield overnight.

Police said up to six businesses have been damaged by the fire, which several crews fought for almost five hours.

An investigation will be launched this morning.

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