The Australian celebrity who spent seven hours straight in the salon chair

Antoinette-Marie Koulas, or as she’s better known as, Sydney Fashion Blogger, has debuted a new hair colour that has left many of her 750,000 loyal followers torn. Why you ask? Because it’s white. Bright white. The sort of white usually reserved for albino bunnies only. See what we mean?

Sure we’ve seen people go platinum before. Gwen Stefani is the prime example of the white haired goddess. But how can we mere mortals (or bloggers as the case may be) pull off such an extreme look?

We spoke to Antoinette’s long term hairdresser Renya Xydis to find out how she achieved the brave new shade of blonde.

Antoinette shows off her new hair (Image via Sydney Fashion Blogger Facebook)


What prompted her to go so bold?

“Antoinette wanted something dramatic as she’s kept a similar hairstyle and colour for a while now,” said Renya.“Especially coming into the summer months, now is the perfect time to go lighter.”

Renya kicked off the process by snipping off all of Antoinette's damaged hair. “Before colouring the hair, we first did a dramatic slant concave cut, feathering towards the front of Antoinette’s jaw line to help shape her face,”

“It was important to cut Antoinette’s hair first as it helped identify where and how the different tones of blonde should be applied in order to achieved the desired look." Then, the seven hours of blondening began.

For seven hours. Yes, you read that right it took SEVEN HOURS to take Sydney Fashion Blogger from this:



Antoinette's hair before the change (Image via @Sydney Fashion Blogger Facebook)


To this:


Yes, bleaching was involved (Image via @Sydney Fashion Blogger Facebook)


Renya started with a session of foils in addition to balayaging, followed by a rinse. Then she dried Antoinette’s hair off and repeated the same process all over again. Next the hair was toned, and finally finished with Wella SP Hydrate treatment.

After several solid hours of peroxide application, you might be surprised Sydney Fashion Blogger has any hair left at all. Hydration is the secret to preventing breakage.  Renya recommends using regular hair masks once a week if you've had a major bleach like Antoinette has.

And finally – it’s the question women dread to ask – how much upkeep is required with a style like this? Looking at Antoinette’s hue you couldn’t be blamed for assuming follow up appointments would be required weekly, but thankfully Renya says that’s not the case.

“Depending on the individual’s natural hair colour and how fast it grows, we would recommend colour and a trim every 4-6 weeks to keep it looking fresh and well maintained.” So now you know how much work went into Antoinette’s hair transformation.

What do you think of Sydney Fashion Bloggers new hair? Would you make such a dramatic change?

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