A bride-to-be received the nastiest email from a food vendor before her big day.

Normally it’s the bride-to-be who’s accused of acting badly when planning a wedding, but New Yorker Amanda De Pascale had the opposite experience when a prospective caterer sent her an expletive-filled email calling her “an absolute low life twisted miserable individual” last week.

In preparation for her February wedding, De Pascale emailed a popular dessert food truck company, Sweetery NYC, to request catering prices for her and her fiance’s big day.

“My fiancee and I wanted something a little different for our wedding and we thought it would be so fun to have a food truck for our guests to get little sweets,” De Pascale told “They were really going to be our wedding favours.”

The Sweetery NYC truck. Source: Facebook.

Sadly, at $3879, Sweetery NYC's quote was outside of De Pascale's budget.

But rather than simply say that, De Pascale did what we all do in situations like this, and didn't respond with a yes or a no.

Unfortunately for De Pascale, the well-reviewed company's creator Grant DiMille didn't take the hint.

“They kept calling me, multiple times an hour, then would stop for a few hours, then call back again,” De Pascale said.

The Sweetery NYC treats are famous throughout New York. Source: Facebook.

Then last week, De Pascale received what we can only describe as one of the most over-dramatic and disgustingly rude emails of all time from the company who has previously worked with the likes of DKNY, Clinique, Vanity Fair and Refinery29.

"Amanda," the lengthy diatribe begins, "We have zero idea what type of warped sick games you are playing with us, but now it is time for us to have a say."

"You are a despicable bottom feeding wretched disgrace of a person, who is as disgusting as they come."

A section of the email from Sweetery NYC to De Pascale.

"How many times have we called you to follow up on the proposal that we expanded time and effort to produce based on your request and each and every time you cowardly hang up the phone on us when we identify who is calling, what an absolute low life twisted miserable individual you have to be," it continues.

"We truly hope that your wedding bombs and turns out to be a complete and total disaster of the century why would it be anything but since you are a part of it. We could not even imagine the person that would marry you, pity the poor lonely soul whose life is doomed before it starts with you, we hope that he or she runs and saves them self from the mud hole that you are."

The Sweetery NYC treats are famous throughout New York. Source: Facebook.

"If for some reason you need further clarification on our thoughts let us know we are certain we can clarify those thoughts for you," it concluded.

Within days of being sent to De Pascale, the email was circulated on social media, with Sweetery NYC coming under serious fire.

According to DiMille, the email was sent by an employee who has now been let go.

The Sweetery NYC truck out on the road. Source: Facebook.

“I had a conversation with our associate who wrote to the client and told him that we had no choice but to let him go based on the pain that has been caused to Amanda,” DiMille told

An apology message was posted to the Sweetery NYC page following public backlash from the email and DiMille says he has emailed a private apology to De Pascale as well.

Weddings, huh?

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