Shark Tank introduced us to the ultimate breakup gift for your friend and they're only $5.

Flowers suggest they’ve experienced a great loss, hampers are way too overpriced and wine leads to hours and hours of tears. So other than a dart board of their ex’s face, it’s near impossible to get your best friend any kind of gift that might help them through a breakup.

Or at least that is until now.

Behold: the breakup cookie box from Sweet Mickie. Source: Instagram.

Enter Sweet Mickie, a Melbourne-based business delivering cinnamon ginger cookies with humorous messages of love and support stamped on top of them to the door of your friends during their time of need.

Think phrases like "Whatever", "Next", and "Swipe Right" all emblazoned onto a delicious treat for breakups, "Push It Real Good" for those expecting a baby, and "Risk It For The Biscuit" for those trying to amp up staff morale during a training session all making their way to your mouth for around $5 per cookie or a box of six for $30.

"I know that business and finance isn't my strong point," Sweet Mickie creator Emma Head said on Tuesday evening while appearing on Channel 10's Shark Tank, where she sought a $200,000 investment in her business saying she hoped to partner with someone who could mentor her and allow the business to continue to grow.

Thankfully, both Janine Allis and Andrew Banks came on board, giving the 30-year-old the dough she needed to get her cookies - which are created from a family recipe handed down from her grandmother - out there to even more people.

Hey cutie! Source: Instagram.

"I had a Boost Juice at the airport on the way here for luck," Head told Allis after her pitch laughing.

We for one would be more than okay with these positive reinforcement cookies landing on our desks. They'd almost make a breakup seem worth the heartache.

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