A woman shared the message that turned her off dating for good, now it's gone viral.

It’s a dire time to be a single lady.

While there are lots of platforms to meet people, many women find themselves disappointed by their initial interactions with potential partners.

Case in point: This viral tweet.

University student and Twitter user @Jaidachan (who goes by the name Jai) was trying to have a normal text message conversation with a guy.


At first, it was going well. He asked about her university major, and she told him she was switching into sociology, with a focus in women, gender and sexuality.

“That’s hella cool,” he wrote.

“So does that mean you like sex or something.”

… No.

No random man, that is not what it means.

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The tweet has now gone viral with 55,000 retweets, 290,000 likes and 870 replies, but there’s a marked difference in how men and women responded to Jai’s experience.

While a number of men were keen to point out that they shouldn’t all be painted with the same brush, women overwhelmingly showed their support for Jai, given many had encountered similar situations.



It would seem, however, that Jai’s exchange, and the subsequent discussion, was quite a relevant lesson in the issues she’s studying at university.

So that’s a plus.