Editor's Picks: The six perfect Christmas gifts for the most sparkly person in your life.

Thanks to our brand partner, Swarovski

Are you currently scratching your head, trying to work out how we just got into November, when it felt like Easter was just yesterday? Don’t worry, me too.

But those of us who are uber-organised probably only have one thing on their minds right now: Christmas.

I don’t know about you, but for me, my favourite part of Christmas is the act of giving, rather than receiving. I love writing down my list, thinking about what those closest to me would most enjoy and then searching for it in store or online. And one of my absolute favourite places to do that is Swarovski.

There is always something magical about stepping into a Swarovski store. Looking at all of the gorgeous jewellery, accessories and ornaments always puts a smile on my face. And if you’re like me, you’ll immediately think of the people in your life who sparkle on the inside and the outside too.

I had a browse through Swarovski’s Holiday Collection and here are the finds I’m loving:

1. Louison Open Ring, White, Rhodium Plating – $219

Image: Supplied.

You know those gifts you fall in love with so much, you end up buying one for yourself? I can definitely picture that happening with the Louison Open Ring. The style is super modern and one that's totally Instagram worthy.

It perfectly fits into any jewellery collection while still holding onto a touch of Christmas through its crystals, inspired by frosty winter leaves. It's a wonderful style for stacking and can bring a bit of sparkle to any outfit or look.

2. Christmas Ball Ornament, Annual Edition 2018 - $149

Image: Supplied.

Nothing says Christmas quite like a beautiful bauble to hang on your Christmas tree. And we all have those extra special ones that we place right near the top (out of the grasp of little fingers). They're meaningful and remind us of someone important in our lives.

So why not make someone's Christmas by gifting them with the magical Swarovski Christmas Ball Ornament? The 2018 edition contains a gorgeous shooting star inside a glass ball with hand glued crystals on it. You can also make it personalised by having a name or message engraved.

3. Crystalline Ballpoint Pen, Vintage Rose - $49

Image: Supplied.

I always get a little excited to write something down with my Swarovski Crystalline Ballpoint Pen. It's so mesmerising swirling the crystals from one end to another. It makes the perfect gift and one that will bring some sparkle and a smile to everyday tasks.

They last forever and if it's loved so much that it runs out of ink, the cartridge is super easy to replace so you can keep sparkling on as you write.

4. Cosmic Rock Watch, Metal Bracelet, Black, Rose Gold Tone - $499 

Image: Supplied.

I'm obsessed with watches, especially ones you can accessorise with outfits. Yes, a lot of us check the time on our phones, but nothing beats a classic timepiece that makes a statement.

If you happen to be wearing the Cosmic Rock Watch (how good is that name?), you'd be looking at your wrist all the time because not only is it a watch, but it's a dazzling piece of jewellery that is also a bracelet.

It perfectly combines a modern and cool edge with its black and rose gold colouring, while still looking feminine thanks to its lavish coat of silver crystals. It will bring a touch of glamour to any look.

5. Solitaire Pierced Earrings, White, Rhodium Plating - $89

Image: Supplied.

A pair of effortlessly cool studs are a staple for any woman. They're easy to wear with everything while bringing a touch of sophistication and sparkle.

That's why you can't go past the Solitaire Pierced Earrings as a Christmas gift for the sparkly person in your life. The single crystal in an elegant setting dazzles and shimmers everywhere you go. Now that's a gift I'd be wearing day in and day out.

6. Swarovski Remix Collection Eye Symbol, Strand Purple, Mixed Plating - $99 

Image: Supplied.

There's nothing quite like wearing a piece of jewellery that feels just like 'you'. And with the Swarovski Remix Collection, you can pick and item that really represents that sparkly person in your life.

I've always liked wearing eye motifs because I feel like I'm being watched over and this piece truly embraces that. It also incorporates a metalwork message and a beautiful purple charm, but the point is that you can "remix" and match different charms from across the collection. It's full of symbolism and a gift that will always remind the receiver of you.

So no matter what sort of sparkle you're after, whether it's in a watch, ring, bracelet sparkly new pen or gorgeous Christmas ornament, there's no going past these picks for that extra special sparkly person in your life.

Who will you be buying Swarovski for this Christmas? Tell us in the comments section below.


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