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Two more bodies found on property of "serial killer" where woman was "chained like a dog".

Last week, missing woman Kala Brown was found “chained up like a dog” inside a storage container on the South Carolina property of registered sex offender Todd Kohlhepp.

After being rescued by police, the 30-year-old who had been missing for two months told detectives she watched Kohlkepp murder her boyfriend, David “Charlie” Carver.

Now, following Kohlhepp’s arrest, two more bodies have been discovered on the suspected serial killer’s 100-acre property in Spartanburg County. The pair have been identified as husband and wife Johnny Joe Coxie, 29, and Meagan Leigh McCraw Coxie, 25, according to The Sun.

Kala Brown and boyfriend David "Charlie" Carver. Image source: Facebook.

Autopsy reports have revealed that both were killed by gunshot wounds, the husband to the the torso and the wife to the head.

Spartanburg County Coroner Rusty Clevenger commented on the findings, stating:

“There were some parts of the bodies we were not able to recover. But I really don’t want to get into that because there is an open investigation."

Clevenger said the bodies had been buried on the property for about 11 months, meaning they were identifiable only by dental records and recognisable tattoos. Meagan's mother had reported the couple missing on December 22, 2015.

Meagan and Johnny had welcomed a new born baby to their family just months before their disappearance, and their relatives are now grieving their loss.

According to People, family friend Karyl Gaehring has commented on Johnny’s mother, Cindy's, reaction to the news.

“She’s numb, very numb,” Gaehring stated. “But she’s very stable at the same time. She feels like this was an answer.”

Johnny Joe Coxie and Meagan Leigh McCraw Coxie. Image source: Facebook.

Kohlhepp, a real estate agent, remains in custody having allegedly admitted being involved in a separate previously unsolved four-person massacre at a motorbike shop in 2003. He has been charged with four counts of homicide.

In 1986, Kohlhepp also kidnapped and raped a 14-year-old girl.

Mamamia reported last week that the body of Kala Brown's partner, David "Charlie" Carver, was dug up and found to have died of multiple gunshot wounds. It was after this that Kohlkepp pointed investigators to the graves of two further bodies.

“There’s no wondering anymore," said Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright.

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