The next frontier in nail art is really, really impractical

Image via Alice Bartlett

If you’re the kind of person who gets annoyed by long stick-on nails or the most simple rhinestone-decorated manicure, prepare yourself: nail art is about to get even more impractical.

Pack away your glitter, gold leaf and other appliqués. It’s time to turn your nails into mini tableaux of real life! Take a leaf out of Alice Bartlett’s book – the London-based web programmer and nail enthusiast has manicures down to a very fine art. Check out these creations – they might not be practical, but they’re utterly adorable:


If you’re not so keen on the idea of attaching fake miniature grass to your nails, you don’t have to abandon Still Life: Nail Edition just yet. Sushi nail art might be more up your alley, especially if your alley is all about cute little plastic replicas of sashimi and other Japanese delicacies:


Mmm, delicious. As the Wall Street Journal reports, sushi manicures are a bit of a thing in Japan at the moment, covering everything from fake nails to tricky DIY jobs.

Although these nails look like they’d make basic tasks really, really cumbersome (imagine trying to fish your keys from your handbag), the sushi nails could actually make one aspect of life easier: ordering sushi.

Imagine: you could march up to the counter and place an order by sticking up the corresponding finger! Yeah, there’s no possible way that could end badly…

Would you ever go this far with your nail art?