The most impractical nail art trend yet - and the week's health and beauty news.

Image via Alice Bartlett
Image via Alice Bartlett

Welcome to your weekly health and beauty news wrap from the team behind Mamamia’s new site, The Glow.

For the uninitiated, this is basically a highlights reel of all the health and beauty news and tidbits around.

We’re showcasing the stories that kept us intruiged, informed and, in many cases, downright bemused over the past seven days. Which was your favourite?

The next frontier in nail art is really, really impractical: And here you were thinking long stick-on nails made the simplest life tasks ridiculously hard. We’re so glad these two trends exist, but we probably won’t go there ourselves… Glitter nail art, on the other hand, is a must-try. Here are 15 ways to incorporate glitter into your makeup routine and still look like an adult.

The 5 fragrance releases we’re most excited about: Perfume season – also known as “spring” – is just around the corner. We’re psyched about these 5 new fragrances – one is perfect for work, while another smells like getting ready for a foam party in Ibiza. Consider this your shopping guide.

6 health problems that can be fixed with an orgasm: Fun fact: yesterday was the International Day of the Female Orgasm, and we have six very good reasons to celebrate right here. Friends, it’s time to take your health into your own hands…


“The Jennifer Aniston-approved health treatment that gave me nightmares”: Not only did Nat emerge from this popular treatment looking like she’d been attacked by a giant octopus, she also had completely whack dreams. Read this before you try it yourself…

Everything you think you know about sleep is wrong: Good news for Night Owls anyone who panics about not getting that 8 hours of sleep per night – experts are indicating it mightn’t be the magic sleep number after all.

Here’s how Myer dyed its models’ hair pastel this week: The department store’s Spring/Summer launch was full of dewy skin (which you can replicate with our guide to illuminator) and pastel mermaid-hair. Jessica Rowe also joined the pastel brigade, turning her pixie chop a candy pink/purple colour – and she told us exactly what her husband said when he first saw it.

One of our most dramatic Chops yet: She had the hair every little girl dreams of, but Bea wanted a change. She ended up with hair every grown woman dreams of. Speaking of major haircuts – Tori Spelling fulfilled every hairdresser’s nightmare by giving herself a trim – but the result is surprisingly neat. Not a jagged edge in sight!

This week, Delta Goodrem danced so badly, she went viral: So we found 4 dance-inspired workout videos to help her (and the rest of us ‘unrhythmic women’) find some rhythm. Spoiler alert: they’re heaps of fun.

Help! I have a pimple: Look, pimples happen to the best of us, even in adulthood. Don’t panic. Don’t squeeze. Just read this.

The superfoods that are sending your teeth yellow: There’s one part of your body your high antioxidant diet isn’t so good for… here’s how to maintain your healthy eating AND keep your teeth looking good.

The 15 most passive aggressive inspirational posts we’ve ever seenWhat’s the craziest quote you’ve ever seen on Facebook? These will beat it.

7 reasons you might be tired all the time: We’ve all been there. Dreading the alarm clock, living on caffeine and never feeling rested. But it’s not normal to be tired all the time – and the good news is it can be fixed.

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