Susan Sarandon reveals her secrets to staying young.

Susan Sarnadon is 69. Yep, one-year-from-SEVENTY, aged 69.

Not that there’s anything wrong with 70. Just Susan Sarandon does not act like it. Or look it.

“Sex – that’s good for your skin, right?” the Oscar-winning actress of films like Dead Man Walking, The Client and Thelma and Louise told You Magazine.

See what I mean about ‘seeming 70’?

So what are the secrets behind Sarandon’s youthfulness? Remember, this is the woman who had three children at age 38; received an Oscar for Dead Man Walking at 49; got ‘inked’ at 61; and, now, at 69, has been signed as the beauty ambassador for L’Oréal Paris’ new hair colouring line.

If she’s got secrets, we all want to know them.

This week, women from the Mamamia office reveal how much sex they are currently having. Post continues below video. 

Spontaneity, sun block, good food and staying away from cigarettes are all a part of it.

“I’ve scolded a few young stars I’ve seen smoking. I’m like, ‘What are you doing? You’re crazy!'” Sarandon said. “A green juice in the day and a cigarette at night? I mean, come on.”

So are the people you choose to have in your life (and the quality of your H2O).

“You have to take care of yourself. I just got my daughter a Kangen water machine to filter out toxins,” Sarandon said. “To stay young and healthy, you need to weed out toxic things – and toxic people!”

Finally, there’s the sex…

“Oh, and laugh and have sex – if you’re lucky enough to find that – those are really important, too.”

Considering the icon that is Susan Sarandon. The woman who pushes boundaries and is the complete antilogue to any stereotype. The woman who’s last boyfriend was more than 30 years her junior. Who’s a Unicef Goodwill Ambassador, while at the same time an owner of a chain of ping pong bars. And who fiercely believes women should celebrate themselves, because they certainly don’t ‘need’ a man. With all these factors in mind, Sarandon’s youthfulness is undoubtedly related to her attitude (as well as the sex).

“It has never crossed my mind that my age would hold me back from anything,” Sarandon said. “What makes you beautiful is being “awake” in your life and being confident, and that becomes easier as you get older and care less what others think.”

“I feel just as sexy as I did when I was younger – more so, in fact. I see old pictures of myself and I prefer the way I look now because I’ve had more life.”

More life, more sex and more sun block. That’s one unbeatable anti-ageing formula.