Susan Sarandon says there's one Hollywood actress she's constantly mistaken for.

Remember when Susan Sarandon kicked some extra-terrestrial butt in Alien? Neither does she, but it doesn’t stop her taking credit for it.

Apparently people confuse the 69-year-old Hollywood veteran for her alleged doppelgänger Sigourney Weaver, 66, so often — and vice versa — the pair occasionally sign autographs for one another.

“I wanna just clarify a few things. Sigourney may have left the stage but we are two different people. I have taken credit for Alien many times and she’s signed autographs for me,” she said at the Glamour Women of the Year Awards in London, Happily both were there to collect accolades.

Sarandon in her breakout role as Ripley in Alien.

In 2014, Sarandon actually confessed the pair were one, admitting she'd been moonlighting "as the fictitious Sigourney Weaver" for years.

"Much as Beyoncé has Sasha Fierce and Lady Gaga has Jo Calderone, I chose to live out my wildest dreams through an outspoken, kick-ass alter ego," she joked in the piece colourfully titled Sigourney Weaver is My Badass Alter-Ego.


The pair a the Glamour Women of the Year Awards last night. Source: Getty

"Quite honestly, I’m surprised no one ever figured this out before. How could you not notice how Sigourney and I have never starred in the same movie or attended the same award show at the same time? Come on, Sigourney isn’t even a real name. That was just how I mispronounced 'Sidney' after a couple too many chardonnays."

Thanks, Google.

I guess it's a pretty easy mistake to make, just ask Jodie Foster, I mean, Helen Hunt:

Feature image: Instagram