Susan Carland gives us a look at what's really at the bottom of her handbag.

In case you needed yet another reason to love Dr Susan Carland (which I’d find pretty hard to believe, to be completely honest) have no fear – one of the greatest social media posts of all time has arrived.

Posting an image of the interior of her handbag to Instagram on Tuesday morning, Carland, who is a frequent guest on the Mamamia Podcast network, shared a sight most of us hope to never confront: the bottom of one’s handbag.

And if there’s one thing Carland loves more than crumpled receipts and half a dozen tubes of lip balm, it’s pens. Many, many pens.

Here lies a pen hoarder's paradise. Source: Susan Carland / Instagram.

Accompanying the hilarious image was the caption, "Some people are permanently ready for any emergency or apocalypse, always having compasses or torches or Swiss Army knives on their person. My subconscious clearly prepares for crisis by hoarding pens. Counted 22 in the bottom of my handbag this morning, all a total surprise to me. Others may be in a cat-like state of readiness to apply an emergency tourniquet or locate true north; but when the zombies come, I'll be on to MAKE LISTS AND CHECK THINGS OFF."

I say this on behalf of everyone ever, Dr Carland. Please never change.

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