The winner of Australian Survivor 2017 has been crowned.

We made it, Australia.

After weeks of watching 24 Aussies struggle to survive on a Samoan island for 55 days, the winner of Australian Survivor 2017 has finally been named in a dramatic (this is reality TV, after all) live finale.

25-year-old Jericho Malabonga, a flight attendant from Victoria and a fan favourite, was crowned the competition’s winner, beating out fellow finalists Pete and Tara to take home the $500,000 prize.


In a twist different to last year’s finale, the final vote was actually revealed back in Sydney in front of a live audience that consisted mostly of family members.

It seems it was Jericho’s unapologetic speech about “having blood on his hands” to the jury that won over their votes.

“I can confidently say that, yeah, I have your blood on my hands, and I’m fine with that,” he said.

“And that’s why I still am sitting here, and I feel like that’s why you’re sitting there.”

Listen to The Binge team interview Survivor’s Peter on the reality of being in the jungle for months without soap. Post continues after audio. 

During the tense finale, the final three contestants were tasked with a gruelling immunity challenge: they had to hold on to a pole for as long as possible, on the edge of the water.

It was just like last year’s final immunity challenge, but with one very important difference. This year, the contestants competed in total darkness, with no chance to see and prepare themselves from the incoming waves.

survivor final immunity challenge
The final three face the last immunity challenge. Image via Channel 10.

After his win, Jericho - who has been a fan of the reality TV series since he was a child - said the experience would "always be a part" of him.

"It's taught me a lot and I'm grateful for that," he said.

"I just savoured moment after moment. If it was my last day, I made sure it was going to be the most amazing day ... I was just stoked I was there."

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