This is how women on Australian Survivor deal with having their period.


Ahh, tropical holidays.

Sometimes there’s nothing better than relaxing on a beach, sipping from a coconut and getting some good old vitamin D.


Except, wait a second…

This is NOT a tropical holiday. It’s Australian Survivor, and there’s not a fridge, shower, toothbrush or hairbrush in sight.

Survivor = messy. Image via Channel 10.

And because of a little thing called #nature, if you're a woman stuck on a Samoan island for more than 30 days, chances are a little friend called Aunt Flow will drop by for a very unwelcome visit.

So naturally, in an office filled with women, every Mamamia staffer wants to know just what goes down when your period comes to town on Survivor.


Luckily, recently eliminated contestant Kate was able to answer our queries.

Kate has revealed what happens when your cycle hits mid reality TV show. Image via Channel 10.

"Lucky for me, I have didn't have [my period] on the island [due to birth control], which is fantastic," she revealed to Mamamia.

"From the other women I've spoken to about it - because I was also so curious - they were supplied with sanitary products. But that would have just been the most disgusting thing ever.

"I could not think of anything worse than to have [my period] there on the island."

Anyone got a spare tampon? Image via Channel 10.

Add to the fact that the only toilet available was a long drop - with no toilet paper - and you have every woman's worst nightmare.

With rumours of a Survivor romance brewing between single dad Lee and El, we also had to ask about how one might find love while lying, cheating and scheming their way to victory.

"I know [Lee and El] were very close, but I don't know whether there was a romance. [From what I saw], there was definitely no romance on the island whatsoever because it’s the last thing you feel like doing.

"You don’t brush your teeth, you don’t shower...the last thing you want to do is have a make-out session."


The new season of Australian Survivor: Champions vs. Contenders starts tonight on Ch 10.