This Survivor contestant did the craziest prep ever before starting the show.

If you’re wondering what sort of preparation goes into getting ready to be stranded on a Samoan island for 55 days, Nick Iadanza is probably not the best person to ask.

This week, the 27-year-old schoolteacher became the latest person to be voted off Australian Survivor and the first member of the jury that will decide who wins the competition.

He’s a self-confessed Survivor fan (“I’ve seen every season four times, I’ve got the DVDs, I’ve got podcast, audiobooks, and I’ve met past contestants”, he tells us) but it wasn’t until we asked him how he got ready for his days on the island that we understand what that really meant.

All that prep couldn't help Nick win the game. Image via Channel 10.

"Without a doubt I was the most prepared person out there," Nick told Mamamia.

"I had set up challenges in my backyard, I had traced puzzles from the TV screen and did them blindfolded. I'd already seen every season but I re-watched a lot of them. I seriously prepared more than anyone."

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Video via Channel 10

He even spoke to ex Survivor contestants from past US seasons of the show, asking them for their advice on whether to starve or binge before jumping on the plane.

"I also slept on the floor for a while [before the show] and every night I would either take a pillow away or take a blanket away or wear less clothes, so I could get used to functioning on less sleep."

That right there? That's what commitment looks like.

Nick describes having his torch snuffed as "bloody brilliant". Image via Channel 10.

Despite being voted off the island, Nick still gets to stay on board for the remainder of the competition, influencing the show's outcome during the final tribal council. You think he'd be disappointed, but Nick says it's been "bloody brilliant".

"You have complete desolation, nothing, where you are just starving, tired and cold, and then your torch gets snuffed, you go to the jury villa and for 18 days you live in this tropical resort by eat drink and be merry! It’s bloody brilliant."

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