Those Two Girls: How to survive with a thigh gap.

Attention, people: thigh gaps are out. I repeat: THIGH GAPS ARE OUT.

For all of us who never quite, er, achieved the Thigh Gap Holy Grail, the news is good. You’re free! Run wild, land-mermaids!

For those of you who have the gap – and I’m not judging you, just trying to help – it’s time for some intervention.

Luckily, Those Two Girls have created a video specifically for all your anti-thigh gap needs.

They explain why the gap’s out: “It’s survival of the fittest out there, and with those weedy little thighs, how are you going to live?”

And, more importantly, they provide constructive, body-positive ways to fix your teeny tiny bird legs: ‘It’s called the 28 Day Gap-Be-Gone Program. I’ve been doing it, and I’ve noticed a big difference.”

So please, Thigh-Gappers: do yourself a favour and hit play.