Superior Mummy - the Twitter account you need to follow

We've all crossed their paths and winced or been made to feel terribly inadequate – the parents who take every opportunity to make a thinly-veiled reference to the fact that they are a more dedicated, more researched, and just all-round better parent than you are.

These condescending comments are usually delivered under the guise of "being helpful", even – especially – when that help is completely unsolicited. 

If there's a frustratingly self-righteous parent in your life, you'll get a kick out of Superior Mummy . It's an Australian twitter account chronicaling the musings of a mum who just does it better – and isn't afraid to let you know. In her own words, Superior Mummy's not saying she's a better mother than you; she's just saying you're a worse mother than she is.

Her tweets dole out advice on every parenting experience, from providing a healthy environment for your children:

to mastering the fine art of multitasking:

to appreciating the nuances of newborn behaviour.

Click here to read more of her brilliance. If you're not too busy sanitising your kid's toys while whipping up organic jam in an all-white outfit, that is.