Sunrise girls go make-up free in an Aussie TV first.


Samantha Armytage and Natalie Barr have gone make-up free in the last hour of Sunrise in an Australian breakfast show first.

After the 8am news bulletin Kochie crossed live to Armytage and Barr having their make-up removed.

“One of the most common questions I get asked is  what do the girls look like without make-up,” said executive producer Michael Pell.

“So I thought, why not do a reveal, live on air.”

Samantha Armytage appears in the September issue of Women’s Weekly without make-up and found it “incredibly empowering,” she then suggested the idea to her co-hosts who embraced the move.

The “Kochie’s Angels” segment with Melissa Hoyer, Shelley Horton and Pru McSweeney also all presented with bare faces.


Bravo Sunrise.

2. Prince George is coming to Australia for his first official royal visit. Exciting details here.

3. Why Katy Perry won’t (hypothetically) vote for Tony Abbott.

Katy Perry spoke with Sydney’s The Kyle and Jackie O Show this morning and Tony Abbot joined them on the line to ask Perry when she would be returning to Australia as his daughters are big fans however the singer was more interested in asking Abbott about gay marriage.


Here’s how it went down if you can’t listen to the audio:

Jackie O: Our next Australian celebrity is Tony Abbott, he is the leader of the opposition, our election is only a few weeks away… very good chance he will be our Prime Minister.

Tony Abbott: Hi Jackie it’s so good to be talking to you, and Katy, I know it’s an election campaign (but) my daughters think you’re the most wonderful singer, I’m very happy to take a bit of time off the election to ask the big question…when are you coming back, we need you, we want you, when are you coming back!

Katy Perry: Yeah politics!  Come on that’s not a political question, let’s talk about gay marriage. 

Tony Abbott: Now you’re interviewing me Katy.

Katy Perry: Yeah buddy, that’s right.  Love is equal, woo!

Jackie O: Mr Abbott isn’t for Gay Marriage, I know you probably are Katy, it’s not really something he wants to pass though.

Katy Perry: Yeah, well I love you as a human being, but I can’t give you my vote then.  I still want to meet your daughters. 

Tony Abbott: Please, my daughters are fabulous and they would be so excited to meet you, they are desperate to have you…I was introduced to one of your numbers, Hot and Cold, and I thought, maybe that can be my anthem.

Katy Perry: I don’t know if that’s the best song we can pick for a politician.  Let me just say  I will be in Australia very soon, let’s just say I will be in Australia this year.


Jackie O: You could maybe be meeting the new Prime Minister Katy.

Katy Perry: If (Tony) he lets me in!

Jackie O: Thank you Mr Abbott for your time, he’s a very sweet man Katy.

Tony Abbott: Jackie, thank you so much, for giving me the chance to talk to Katy… Katy I look forward to having a long discussion about politics and then listening to some more of your music when you come to Australia.

Katy Perry: I want to get a lunch!

Jackie O: She said she wants to have lunch with you Mr Abbott.

Tony Abbott: We’ll sort that out.


4. Usher’s ex-wife has given a TV interview slamming him for letting their son almost drown in his care. Read her confronting words here.


5. Hey Girl? Ryan Gosling is here to make your day.

Still reeling from last night’s episode of Offspring? Dinosaurs Politicians getting you down? Can’t take any more babies clogging your news feed?

Finally someone has had the good sense to develop a Ryan Gosling app specifically designed for your browsing pleasure. You simply install the Google Chrome extension and every image on every website you visit turns into an image of Ryan Gosling.

A Brooklyn-based web developer Katherine Champagne -um, how cool is her surname?- created while studying at Dev Bootcamp Chicago (whatever that is).

“We had a curriculum challenge that involved manipulating webpage elements live using Javascript,” Champagne told Mashable, “and my programming pair and I were having fun changing all of his Dev Bootcamp profile information to make him appear as if he were Channing Tatum.”


“My teacher, Kevin Solorio, walked by and threw down the gauntlet: make this a bookmarklet! Challenge accepted. I changed the concept from Channing Tatum to Ryan Gosling.”

And Ms Champagne? We’re glad you did.

6. Prince has posted his first selfie on Twitter. Click here to check it out … its every bit as eccentric as the singer himself.

7. Michelle Obama is going to release a rap album about vegetables.

Sorry to trick you on the headline there, the FLOTUS is not actually going to rap on a album but release one. Go on, let’s say it together: Boo! Hiss!

Michelle Obama, through her “Let’s Move” campaign, is releasing a 19-track hip-hop album next month. Its messaging focuses on eating healthy and and word-to-yo-mamma regular exercise.

The album is called ‘Songs for a Healthier America,’ can I get a woop woop? And while Obama won’t be laying down any tracks of her own she will appear in the music videos, some of the singers who signed on include Jordin Sparks, Ashanti, and DMC.
8. After months of bratty behaviour, Justin Bieber has finally done something noble for a little girl with a life-threatening disease. Click here to read the touching details, then decide if he’s redeemed himself in your eyes.

9. Face-folding is a thing, a mighty creepy and hilarious thing.

Aussie filmmaker Izac Less has taken iconic moments in cinema history (okay that’s debatable) and recreated them only this time with the central actor’s faces folded-in. Alright we can’t explain this, you’re just going to have to watch it.

You don’t think you’re going to laugh but as it turns out face-folding is genius.

You can check out his other videos here.

Now that’s time and money well spent.

H/T Buzzfeed.

10. Can someone please explain why female models have to breast bump and pretend to be great friends?


11. The week in celebrity fashion.