Sunrise's Sam Armytage responds to rumour she's locked in a nasty feud with co-hosts.

Sunrise co-host Samantha Armytage has taken to Instagram to dismiss claims that she is feuding with her colleagues.

The 40-year-old posted a photo of the cover of the latest issue of Women’s Day magazine, which featured the headline “TV Stars at war. Toxic feuds, secret deals and why Sam packed her bags”.

Armytage began her caption by mentioning some inaccurate stories that the magazine have published in the past.


What? The Hewitts aren’t getting divorced for the 5-millionth time this week?” Armytage wrote in the caption. “Kate Middleton isn’t expecting her 12-thousandth baby?”

So, it must be a [Sunrise] feud to take up several pages during the quiet-January-period.

“Silly. Trash. Idiotic. Mindless. Bullsh-t.”

Armytage implored the “sensible women of Australia” not to fall for “this tripe”.

On a more lighthearted note, she joked that the only battle in her life is convincing her dog Banjo to have a bath.

Referencing the mention that she packed her bags in the headline, Armytage clarified that she was simply “went on a holiday”.

The Women’s Day article is understood to have claimed a source the magazine that Armytage’s co-host David Koch had asked Seven to replace her.

“Y’all know an ‘anonymous source’ is code for ‘made up in the magazine’s office’!” Armytage wrote in her caption. 

Women’s Day also reported that Koch was keen for Sunrise presenter Edwina Bartholemew to take Armytage’s place.


Armytage finished her caption by clarifying that she will be returning to the hosting position, following her summer break.

“See you Monday morning,” Armytage wrote. “I missed you all!” 

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