Sunrise's Cash Cow has been unmasked after its head fell off on live TV.


Like people in animal costumes before her, the Sunrise Cash Cow’s identity has been the subject of much conjecture*.

This morning, viewers had that mystery solved for them when the Cash Cow’s head fell right off on live TV.

I imagine that if you were not viewing Sunrise this morning, you are curious to know the answer to this eternal question.

Allow me to relieve you from your tenterhooks: the Cash Cow is no cow at all, but a bull — or at least a steer.

The person inside the costume was a man, man.

Watch the moment the Cash Cow’s head FELL OFF! Post continues after video.

The accidental decapitation occurred during a segment in which the Cash Cow found a girlfriend.

I guess if the CC was meant to be a girl, that would have made her a lesbian. That’s quite progressive for Sunrise.

Anyway, the CC was a man, specifically, a man with short hair and stubble.

“Stop it, you’re a girl, oh my God!” Armytage shrieked.

“Cut away,” Kochie ordered. But the jig was up.

The Cash Cow has given away millions of dollars since 2011, so viewers probably didn’t have a cow following the revelation. Get it? HA!

*This is possibly an overstatement.

UPDATE: A Mamamia staffer has informed me that a female acquaintance has previously played the role of Cash Cow. So the mystery of the cash cow’s true identity remains.