Sunday's news in under 2 minutes.

Tony Abbott at the Coalition’s election campaign launch with former PM John Howard




1. Tony Abbott officially launched the Coalition’s election campaign in Brisbane this morning, with the help of his two daughters Bridget and Frances and other Liberal party members. Sky News reported that Mr. Abbott made a ‘direct pitch’ to ‘blue collar workers’, by announcing a plan to provide loans to tradesmen to help them with their studies. Mr Abbott also pledged $200 million dollars to dementia research.

If he wins this election, the Opposition Leader has revealed that his first priorities in government would be to launch the Coalition’s asylum boats policy, scrap Labor’s recent changes to company car leasing, get rid of the carbon tax and change the business plan of the NBN.

2. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has said that it is most likely that the Syrian regime is using chemical weapons, and insists that the crisis requires a calm and measured response. Appearing at a press conference in Canberra this morning with Foreign Minister Bob Carr, Mr Rudd said that he will be working closely with the National Security council, but will not state whether or not Australia will take military action against the regime.

3. A woman has been hospitalised after being beaten by 9 people on a Melbourne Bus this morning. The 26-year-old had a glass thrown at her and was then kicked and hit until she became unconscious. The attack was prompted when she complained of noise coming from the large group. She is in a stable condition in hospital.

4. A 24-yearold man has been taken by a crocodile in the Northern Territory. The man disappeared yesterday afternoon whilst swimming in the Mary River with friends.

The mysterious sea creature found on a Spanish beach.

5. Green’s leader Christine Milne has revealed that her party will preference Clive Palmer’s  asylum seeker policy ahead of Labor’s in the Senate. Australian Greens co-convener Ben Spies-Butcher said on the Palmer United Party’s policy: “At least on refugee policy Palmer has opposed the brutality of the old parties and supported bringing asylum seekers to Australia to be assessed.”

6. The remains of a bizarre sea creature have been found on a Spanish beach, leaving experts baffled. The 4 meter long creature is unidentifiable and includes horns, which has experts and locals thinking it is a relative of the Loch Ness Monster or a mysterious dinosaur of the sea. And no, this is not a joke.