The 7 most annoying people on a plane.

If you get stuck next to any of these people the next time you’re on a plane… We’re sorry.

But if it makes you feel any better, we’ve all been there.

1. The armrest hog

The other name for this person is Selfish. They only care about themselves and do not practice the art of common human decency to anyone else.

It doesn’t matter if you’re on a one hour flight, or a 14-hour flight. Sharing is caring, people.

2. The carry-on-baggage offenders

There’s a rule in place for a reason, folks.  If your stuff doesn’t fit in the overheard or under the chair, don’t you dare think about subtly shuffling it over to my side.

3. The one with the recliner seat ALL THE WAY BACK

I don’t even have words.

4. The one with the… odour

Whether it’s too much sickly sweet deodorant or a severe lack of showering beforehand, being situated near a pungent person on a plane is trying. I mean, it’s not like you can crack open a window for some fresh air…

5. The one who won’t shut up

I’m all for a bit of social interaction with strangers from time to time. I think it can be nice to have a little chat with someone you don’t know and be a nice human being sporadically.

But then there’s the people that a) won’t shut up ever (Hey man, my iPod’s in my ears, if that’s not sign enough then I don’t know what is) and the people who aren’t even sitting next to you but you can still hear because they are COMPLAINING about EVERYTHING.

Including the shapes of the clouds.

6. The Fidgeter

Between jiggling their legs, sighing loudly, rummaging through their bag, settling down for five minutes before jiggling the other leg, tapping the arm-rest and standing up to walk down the aisle, the fidgeter cannot comprehend how to KEEP STILL.

7. The one who should have booked an aisle seat

Much like the fidgeter, this person either cannot sit still, or goes on so many toilet breaks you start to wonder why they aren’t just wearing an adult nappy of some kind. They may not always have a choice of seating, but if you’re known to frequently pee, or have issues keeping still in your seat, for the love of God, just book an aisle seat.

Have you got any to add?

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