Editor's Picks: ASOS summer essentials.

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The calendar says it’s spring, but the truth is that most of Australia only has two seasons: Sweaty and Freezing (well, there’s a third season, which is generally known as Take a Cardigan, but that’s easier to prepare for).

With the season of Sweaty almost upon us, it’s time to dig out last year’s clothes, work out what still works and top it up with a few new pieces that will tide you over until Freezing rolls around.

Everything about the season of Sweaty needs to be breezy and drama-free (preferably accompanied by a cold drink) – so there’s nothing better than keeping your cool by sorting everything out online.

And if you’re one of the first 5000 shoppers to spend AU$200 with your MasterCard on ASOS purchases from November 9 – December 5, you can get one year of free Premier Delivery including unlimited express shipping and free returns.

No drama and no risk… What a time to be alive!

Here’s what I’m looking at/buying/buying by “accident”/buying with optimism/need urgently:

1. New sunnies (because over the next few months, I’ll definitely sit on at least 2 pairs).

They’re famous for their jeans, but Cheap Monday’s range of sunnies are very cool.

These are classic with a modern edge:

summer fashion essentials
Very cool. Image via ASOS.

2. Maxi shirt dress.

I love a shirt dress. This one is a maxi, so it’s fitted and sharp on top and flowy and cool on the bottom. I really like it with a belt.

You can buy a two pack of belts – one black and one sequined – so you can be business or party.

summer fashion essentials
“This one is a maxi, so it’s fitted and sharp on top and flowy and cool on the bottom.” Image via ASOS.

3. Classic sneakers.

I’m addicted to the Reebok Classic. First made in 1983, they are brought out in new colours every season, but with the same super-cool retro styling. So comfortable, they are lined in terry-towelling. I have them in a great vintage green and cherry red, but this beautiful bronze is perfect Sport Luxe.

summer fashion essentials
“First made in 1983, they are brought out in new colours every season, but with the same super-cool retro styling. ” Image via ASOS.

4. Cool umbrella.

The arrival of summer in Australia means two things: Burning sun and bucketing storms. You can head them both off with a cool umbrella. Little known fact: ASOS has an excellent range of umbrellas. You’ll find some beautiful Cath Kidson umbrellas with her signature London patterns (makes an excellent gift – everyone needs a decent umbrella), but I love this small and cheery Orla Kiely print. Bonus: Most of them are on sale at the moment.

summer fashion essentials
Prepare for burning sun and bucketing storms. Image via ASOS.

5. Playful pinafore.

You may not have worn a pinafore since you were a child. I tell you now, it is time we RECLAIM THE PINAFORE. Searching for “pinafore” on ASOS is a joy because you can find them in everything from Curve to Petite to Tall to Maternity.

I’m especially fond of this Maternity pinafore, which I will wear (despite not being pregnant) to Christmas lunch to (a) get my relatives talking; (b) have extra room for pudding.

I also like this cute vintage-style textured pinafore in maroon.

summer fashion essentials
The maternity (L) and vintage-style pinafores we’re loving. Image via ASOS.

6. Rose gold shift.

The delightful Shelly Horton was married in Mexico last month in a show-stopping rose gold sequined dress.

Metallic is very rock and roll, and rose gold is universally flattering. This shift just screams party.

summer fashion essentials
“This shift just screams party.” Image via ASOS.

7. Birkenstocks.

I love Birkenstocks. They are comfortable, classic and they just keep getting better as they mould to your feet.

I’m partial to these shiny ones for the holiday season.

summer fashion essentials
“They are comfortable, classic and they just keep getting better as they mould to your feet.” Image via ASOS.

8. Hot skincare to cool down my skin.

I’ve only just realised that ASOS stocks skincare products. And they also put brands on sale that you rarely see on sale in shops.

They’ve got my favourite make-up removing wipes (in refreshing cucumber).

summer fashion essentials
“My favourite make-up removing wipes.” Image via ASOS.

I’m also going to pick up one of these eye-masks which profess to deal with the bags under my eyes. It looks so soothing, and I like the idea that if I wake up after a Christmas party with a spot of wine-flu, I’ll be able to pop this mask on while the painkillers kick in.

A balm to help me stress-less? Can I get a six pack?

summer fashion essentials
For real though, do these guys come in a six pack? Image via ASOS.

9. Cross-body bag.

Suede leather in metallic rose gold. Yes, I’m sensing a theme too.

summer fashion essentials
Just casually slinging some suede. Image via ASOS.

10. Chilled out Christmas.

I put these adorable Paperchase Christmas cards in my basket and felt like I was an organised Christmas Goddess:

OK, I chucked in these Christmas photo props as well for bonus Christmas cheer and organisation points.


While I’m here, I will also draw your attention to these sparkly Christmas shoes. CHRISTMAS SHOES, PEOPLE.


summer fashion essentials
Christmas shoes! Image via ASOS.

What are you going to add to your wardrobe this Sweaty season?