Three easy summer cocktail recipes that will quench your thirst.

Thanks to our brand partner, Chambord

As someone very smart probably never said, summer nights are for making memories and channeling your inner-flamingo.

While I may not be the best cook, there’s certainly one thing I pride myself on when it comes to being the hostess with the mostess and that’s making a mouth-watering cocktail.

So if you’re asking yourself how you can make add a splash of chic to your next event, we have the answer for you.

Enter Chambord’s selection of simple and delicious cocktails.

Here are our top three picks for our favourite recipes to try out this silly season.

1. Chambord Royale.

I dare you to try and find a cocktail that’s equal parts simple and scrumptious like the Chambord Royale. Go on. It’s incredibly easy to make and looks seriously elegant in a flute glass.

But enough about how gorgeous it looks, here are the steps to make one for yourself:

  • Pour 10ml Chambord into a flute glass
  • Top with any fizz you fancy (A dry Sparkling or Prosecco is my pick!)
  • Then plop, finish with the important raspberry

Really… that’s all. Happy sipping!

2. French Martini.

There are few things in life that are better than a French Martini. When given the chance to pair it with one of France’s most indulgent liqueurs, I couldn’t help but let out an enthusiastic ‘oui!’

When you try Chambord’s take on this classic cocktail we’re sure it will rocket to the top of your favourites list. The shaking also gives you a chance to bust out those dance moves you’ve been waiting to try on all week.

Top your drop with a raspberry or a lemon twist for an extra dab of fun.

  • Pour 30ml Chambord, 30ml Vodka and 60ml fresh Pineapple juice into a shaker
  • Add ice and shake like a tambourine
  • Strain into a martini glass
  • Top with a raspberry or a lemon twist as you like

Say it with me. ‘Tres Bien!’

3. Chambord Spritz.

I’m going to call it: I’ve found the ultimate summer afternoon beverage. The Chambord Spritz is arguably one of the most low-maintenance cocktails you’ll ever create but make no mistake, it certainly brings it in the beverage stakes.

It’s a testament to the fact that Chambord makes everything better, even your simple dry white wine. Top it with soda and you’ve got a one-way ticket to your new go-to drink.

  • Fill a large wine glass with ice
  • Pour in 30ml Chambord, 120ml Dry White Wine and top with Soda

Voila! There you have it.

It’s time to treat yourself because after all, you deserve it and it’s never been easier to turn an ordinary night in into a chance to indulge and have fun. So go on and live a little, there’s no better time than right this second.

What summer cocktail is your favourite?

This post was written thanks to our brand partner Chambord.