The Christmas dessert that's much cheaper than a pav.

Isn’t it strange how even in the sweltering depths of summer, we still insist on co-opting all the European Chrissy traditions?

We’ve got shopping centre Santas sweating through their fur coats. Great big ugly Christmas jumpers made of wool and emblazoned with snowscapes (at least we can trade that one in for a rashie now). We paint snowflakes on our windows and we throw an entire animal on the spit. I just thank Rudolph every day that egg nog hasn’t taken off here yet.

And while it wouldn’t feel quite like Christmas without those things, there’s one toasty tradition it’s time to ditch. The Christmas pudding.

Now, now. Before you start yelling ‘bring us some figgy pudding,’ I’m not talking about removing it from the table all together. I’m just talking about an Aussie update. Pulling the ol’ switcheroo on that lump of spicy fruit.

That’s where Jody Allen comes in. On the latest episode of This Glorious Mess, the thrifty brains behind the website The Stay at Home Mum shared a bloody good alternative to Christmas pudding. And I’m calling it – this might even be better than a pav.

LISTEN: Jody Allen shares her ripper recipe, plus other tips for a cheap (but still festive!) Christmas.


Believe me, when I say it’s easy – I mean it! You only need three ingredients (or two if you can do away with the chocolate!) and Jody fully endorses hitting up the homebrand section in the supermarket for the pudding itself. Because who the heck has time to chop five bags of glace cherries?

While the classic pud is undoubtedly delicious, between the stickiness and the autumnal spice flavours, it’s not exactly the refreshing, palate cleansing summer dessert and boozy, overheated bodies are craving.

Enter humankind’s greatest creation: ice cream.

Here’s what you’ve gotta do:

Take a little bit of crumbled up pudding, mix it through vanilla ice cream and whack it in a mould. Freeze, and drizzle with chocolate Ice Magic topping.

Voila, summer in a bowl! It’s quick, cheap and best of all – the kids will eat it (if you don’t beat them to it.)

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