'My hair stayed cleaner for longer.' 8 women try Sukin's new $21.95 Natural Balance Scalp Scrub.

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Scalp scrubs seem to be all the rage at the moment, and when a product promises to get rid of all the hidden gunk hiding in your hair, why wouldn't they be?

Enter: Sukin’s new Natural Balance Scalp Scrub.

This all-natural scrub removes product buildup and impurities in the hair with its refreshing mix of peppermint and ginger extract. It also contains gently exfoliating bamboo powder, while horsetail, burdock and nettle all help to maintain the balance of the scalp.

At only $21.95 a 200ml bottle, any well-acquainted Youbie (You Beauty listener!) would know, it makes for an excellent savey.

So, we asked Mamamia’s You Beauty Panel for their first impressions. How do you use it? How does it feel? Is it suitable for every hair type? (The answer to that last question is yes).

To use it, section off your damp hair and apply the product directly to the scalp and then massage it in circular motions to exfoliate. Repeat this process until your entire scalp is covered, and then rinse it out thoroughly. You can use it once or twice a week before using a Sukin shampoo.

But of course, our Youbies had some tips of their own. Over 390 Youbies tried the Natural Balance Scalp Scrub out for themselves and 312 said they would recommend it. Here are some of their reviews and tips.

Madelin, 31

Madeline. Image: Supplied.

Madeline applied the scrub before shampooing and called it 'surprisingly excellent'. She found it easy to apply and saw genuine improvement in her hair after just one use.

“Initially I was worried about how to apply it, but it was easy enough to get onto the scalp. It smells really lovely and my hair after washing followed by normal shampoo and conditioner felt SO soft,” she said.


“I was genuinely shocked that it helped clarify my scalp and hair. It was the perfect time as I had just had a scalp bleach a week or two before and my scalp really needed a good scrub after getting a little burnt and having some dandruff. An excellent reset.”

Madeline’s tip for use is separating the hair after getting it damp in the shower.

Sarah, 22 

Sarah. Image: Supplied

Sarah has very long hair, so she sectioned it and gave it a good scrub, rinsed in the shower and continued with shampoo and conditioner. 

“I loved the exfoliating balls and it felt like it was giving my scalp and good scrub and clean. After a 60-hour week working with coal and having dry shampoo built up, this was definitely needed,” she said.

“It had a nice scent that wasn’t too powerful and I found it very easy to use and add into my routine. I do believe this product helped to remove product build-up and help with my flakiness, as well as a good clean."

As Sarah has long hair, she recommends scrubbing only where you need it.

Jade, 25 

Image: Supplied.


At first, Jade was worried it would dry out her curly blonde hair but didn’t find this to be the case.

“I’m not sure if it was just my imagination but I feel like my shampoo and conditioner lathered and then smoothed better than they normally do after using the scrub,” she said. “It would be great for those with itchy scalps and porous hair (like mine) but don’t want to damage their hair with anti-dandruff products.”

Jade’s tip is to make sure you follow the instructions and not just slap it on your head as it’s not as effective (she speaks from experience!).

Annabelle, 32 

Annabelle. Image: Supplied.

Annabelle said she had never thought about adding a scalp scrub to her routine but after two uses, she really likes it so far.

“When I used it the first time, I was a bit worried the scrub would get stuck in my hair but it washed out really quickly. My hair seemed to stay cleaner for longer, even with gym workouts,” she said. 


“I was not expecting to love it and to use it again but I did. I would definitely recommend it. I especially love the scent and think it would be great for those with oily hair types.”

Annabelle’s tip is to put the scrub on your fingertips to make it easier to rub into the roots.

Aprelle, 33 

Aprelle has been using it once a week as the first step in her hairwashing routine.

“I like that the scent is a light peppermint and doesn’t leave my hair fragranced. It has a fine course texture like sand and was easy to use,” she said.

“Since using the scrub, my scalp has been less flaky and my hair feels cleaner. I also get a few extra days out of my hair before needing to wash it. I feel good about using it because there are no hidden nasties in the product.” 

To save time, Aprelle recommends applying it directly to the scalp without parting.

Sasha, 19 

Sasha said the scalp scrub was very easy to use. She applied the product to wet hair and used it three times a week for one week to test out the results.

“The scalp scrub had a perfect grainy texture. The product has a nice peppermint scent which smelt divine,” she said. 

“It was so easy to use and it only took one use to see results. My hair was rapidly silky and soft and after three uses my hair was softer than it has ever been before.”

Sasha’s tip is to apply the product to wet hair, and thinks it would be fab for those prone to dandruff.

Amelia, 30 

Amelia. Image: Supplied.

Amelia said she’d never used a scalp scrub and had no idea using one would improve her hair so much.


“I used this scrub before I washed my hair in the shower. It took quite a lot of product to feel like I could actually get enough on my entire scalp as I have thick hair. However, it was easy to apply and I washed my hair like normal with shampoo and conditioner after,” she said.

“This product was really nice to use. I loved the fresh peppermint scent and it left a cooling sensation and tingle to my scalp after use. I saw immediate results after one wash, my hair at the roots felt lighter, cleaner and more refreshed.” 

Amelia suggests using the product on your body as an exfoliant on any itchy or dry bits.

Lydia, 35

Lydia found the scrub worked well with her finer hair, and thinks it works best when your hair is really dirty and in need of love.

“My hair has been different since having a baby six months ago; falling out, getting oily and feeling dirty much faster than it did before. I made sure my hair was 'dirty-dirty' so I could put this scrub to the test and I was genuinely surprised at how clean my roots and scalp felt,” she said. 

“It really did feel like it got through the build-up and had a really good clean. I then let my hair go for four days without a wash and did the same process again and has the exact same results; sparkly clean hair that felt cleaner and the closest it has felt to the lush hair I had before having my baby.”

Sukin’s Natural Balance Scalp Scrub is available now as part of their new Australian-made Sukin Haircare range. It's a available at leading Australian pharmacies, Coles, health food stores and online at

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