Mamamia Street Style: The Bondi edition.

It’s 37 degrees and my producer and I are trudging through the sand with hands glued to our foreheads like sailors lost at sea.

We’re looking for women to include in our street style video but almost everybody is swimming… and our equipment isn’t ocean-friendly.

Bondi fashion. It gets a bad rap.

Stingy January is FINALLY over. It’s time to do some shopping…Post continues below. 

We took the team seaside to prove there’s more to Bondi than activewear, knock-off Camilla and crop tops.

Here are some of the women kind enough to share a bit about how they feel in what they wear.


Isabelle wore: Gnash Swim bikini.

We spotted Isabelle catching up on her reading in the early hours of the Bondi sun. Isabelle explained her swimsuit held the elusive trifecta of a good cut, a supportive top and an overall feeling of comfort.


Paige wore: Kookai bikini top, Spice Boutique skirt, Witchery sunglasses.

Paige was carting her sweet little bub up the iconic Hall Street when we stopped her for a chat. The pair were fresh from the pools and it had barely broken midday. Paige said her look was about comfort but considering how perfectly her top paired with the rips in her skirt, we're going to say a bit more thought had been put into it.



Susanne wore: a one-piece swimsuit, a sarong tied as a dress and a relaxed shoulder bag.

Susanne was walking up from the beach with her Tuesday swimming group when we snagged her. Susanne's laissez-faire attitude to her choices were testament to her true inner stylist.


Priya wore: Faithfull dress, family heirloom.

As soon as we saw Priya, we knew we needed to stop her to ask where she'd bought... everything. Priya kindly explained how her mother had worn the same gold chain her whole life before gifting it to her.


Chloe wore: Tree of Life skirt, Eastern Flair top.

We snagged Chloe as she was crossing the road, looking like she fell out of a gypsy's dream. If you want to be feelin' so bohemian like her, choose flowing yet tailored pieces that accentuate your figure.


Mara wore: Bikini Island

Mara had just reached her towel when we asked her to pose. She explained how she enjoyed the fun pattern of this particular bikini and the support it offered. It's hard to pull off a stylish look with only one item of clothing but she was killing it.