"The most ridiculous item I've ever bought (and instantly regretted)."

We’ve all bought some pretty pointless things in our lives.

Items that seemed practical, justifiable and even “must-have” at the time, but in retrospect were downright embarrassing.

And while you’re probably picturing that late-night infomercial purchase you never, ever used, and feeling the pang of shame and regret, we’re about to make you feel a whole lot better.

Because we’re guessing — assuming, really — you didn’t purchase a $120 rock in a pouch. (Apologies if you did, we’re going to offend you.)

That’s right. A rock inside a leather pouch is retailing for $120 on department store Nordstrom’s website.

(Image via Nordstrom)

Marketed as a paperweight, a conversation piece or even a "work of art", the smooth stone from around Los Angeles is "wrapped in rich, vegetable-tanned American leather".

"A traditional hardening process gives the leather a beautiful ombré effect. Like all Made Solid leather pieces, this one is cut, shaped, sewn and finished by hand in artist Peter Maxwell's Los Angeles studio," the detailed description continued.

You can't fool us, Nordstrom. We know this so-called "medium leather wrapped stone" is just a rock.

'So, who would actually purchase a $120 rock in a pouch?' you ask. Well, apparently enough people for this "medium leather wrapped stone" to have sold out briefly, according to UK-based website The Pool.

This is what the back of the rock looks like, in case you were wondering. (Image via Nordstrom.)

And while we can't know how many rocks in pouches the retailer has in stock, we're questioning humanity if even one person chose to spend their money on this so obviously pointless item.

Still don't feel better about your latest not-so-useful impulse buy? Well, maybe hearing a few Mamamia writers' regretful purchases will do the trick.

One staffer revealed she bought a DVD for sister's TV series collection for Christmas, only to realise she had bought the exact same season as she had given her sis last year.

That same staff member clearly has a problem with her memory, because she almost bought the same exact model of her current phone to replace it after the screen had cracked. Luckily, she decided to check the back cover before making the purchase.

Her stupid purchases don't end there, though. She once bought one 3kg dumbell. Just one. Because it was $15 and she thought she could save money working out one arm at a time - much to her all her friends' amusement.

So there you go, maybe a rock in a pouch isn't the silliest thing you can buy.

Disclaimer: Okay. Confession time. That staffer was me. I've made you feel better about that Abdoer Twist 2000, haven't I? You're welcome.

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