The seven Supre items absolutely every millennial girl owned.

1. Those silly little headbands

Sure, they served no real purpose in the holding of your hair back and were worn best at the front of your scalp, bow just a little to the side, but these babies were the only accessory you needed to take your outfit from below average to cat walk.

Never mind the headache that inevitably sprung 15 minutes into wear – beauty is pain. And they were beautiful.

2. Those silly little belts (??)

Who needs a belt that feeds through your pants or actually holds your shorts up when you can get one that's fake leather and for aesthetic purposes only?

Also can a belt be called a belt when it harnesses no qualities of actual belts?


3. Slogan tees. All of them

Image: eBay.

Notable mentions to the following slogans that would've ignited petitions had they been printed in 2017:

"Jingle my bells"

"Bitch formerly known as... Princess"

"I only look innocent"

"I've lost my number can I have yours?"

"Take a picture it will last longer"

"Made in the 90s"

"My daddy is my ATM"

"Yeah, I'm a bitch. Just not yours"

4. Skirts shorter than the length of your fingernail

Extra points for extra ruffle, too. Double points if the skirt came with a bubble hem.


5. Cardigans

Because sometimes bad girls formerly known as princess need to stay warm.

Image: eBay.


The more colour the better. The less they look like pants... the better.

Image: eBay.

7. The bags themselves, obviously

What? Like you needed that $5 spaghetti-strap singlet? I'd pay $10 just to add to my Supre bag collection.

Never forget.