Struggle Street is back, with a new address.

This time last year the nation was tying itself in awkward knots over the SBS documentary Struggle Street, filmed in the Western Sydney Suburb of Mount Druitt.

Opinion was starkly divided about whether the show was important social commentary, or exploitative “poverty porn”.

Struggle Street filmed several families living below the poverty line in that suburb. It included scenes depicting mental illness, domestic violence – and drug abuse, including a very memorable scene of a pregnant woman, smoking a bong on a toilet.

And now, here we go again:

And on the latest episode of The Binge, Rosie Waterland and Laura Brodnik discuss the new season:

SBS says that the new season of Struggle Street “will be filmed in Queensland and Victoria with a focus on Australians from a diverse mix of backgrounds battling against the odds.

Struggle Street will seek to raise awareness and deepen our understanding of those of us in the community facing social and economic hardship through an honest reflection of what it’s like to be doing it tough in Australia today.”

Rosie Waterland agrees.

"The thing that I found was that most of the people who were really angry about it, had grown up extremely far from that reality. I grew up in that reality and all I thought when I watched that show was 'that's exactly what it was like.'" She said.

"I had seen scenes like that, everyday of my childhood. And to me it was just a real reflection of what it was like to grow up like that."

This was just confronting, real life.

"It opened us up to a reality most of us don't experience," Laura Brodnik said.

"These people exist, and neighbourhoods like this exist, probably 20 minutes from you - and the fact that you are so confronted by this means that you have no idea how some people live. Which means you probably do need to watch this show," Rosie concludes.

Stand by for the debate to erupt all over again.

Listen to the full episode of The Binge, including Rosie and Laura's take on the resurrection of Game Of Thrones' most-loved heroes, here:

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