The stripper suspected of being a serial killer.

Meet Robyn Lindholm, a stripper jailed for the murder of her former lover in 2013.

Police now suspect the 42-year-old Melbournian is actually a serial killer, responsible for up to three homicides.

Lindholm was jailed in December last year for 25 years. She was convicted of organising the murder of Wayne Amey, whose body was found wedged between boulders in central Victoria.

He had stab wounds to the chest, fractured ribs and multiple lacerations to his head. He had also been choked.

The court heard she convinced another lover, Torsten “Tools” Trabert and another man, John Ryan, to kill Amey over a property dispute.

Her barrister said that when she decided to arrange Amey’s murder, she was unemployed, living out of her car, and regularly abusing ice and alcohol.

If you thought the story so far was shocking, it’s about to get even more interesting.

Wayne Amey had been the prime suspect in the 2005 murder of George Teazis (also known as Templeton). Teazis and Lindholm had been in a tumultuous six year relationship when he went missing. It was alleged that Amey had threatened to kill him after Lindholm had expressed concern about his violence.

Teazis had been a senior member of a Richmond gang that was involved in drugs and weapons trading.

Now, police are preparing to charge Robyn Lindholm with Teazis’ murder as well.

On top of this, she is also being investigated for the 1995 murder of exotic dancer Shari Davison, who Lindholm had worked with at the stripper agency Simply Irresistible.

It’s believed Davison had been living with a member of Teazis’ former gang before she was killed.