The one store I'll be visiting to do my last minute Christmas Shopping.

Thanks to our brand partner, Best&Less

I know, I know. There are only two weeks til Christmas and you’re feeling… how shall we put it? Tightly wound.

You’re not? Okay, so it’s just me. Every time I calculate how many weekends there are between now and the day when there needs to be a mountain of gifts under the tree, and how many paydays there are between now and then (hint: ONE), I start snapping at the kids and reaching for my coffee.

And it’s not meant to be like that, right? Christmas is a time of joy. And it genuinely is, I can’t wait for Christmas morning. But I can’t wait for it to be HERE, and all this prep and gift shopping to be behind me.

If you’re feeling the same, I am about to blow your mind. Best&Less are here to save you with their seriously surprising array of Christmas gift options. Because seriously, I had no idea that I could buy presents for eight different people in my life, in one place (and that place can be your lounge-room, bed or desk, let’s face it) for less than $120. In total.

So can you. So here’s what I can get at Best&Less for that money, and who I can happily cross off my list as a result.

1. My daughter: Knit Dress $10.

It’s a tradition at our place that I buy my daughter something gorgeous to wear ’round to the family for Christmas lunch. It’s hot, it needs to be light and easy, and this year, she’ll be unwrapping one of these, with a matching headband.

My pick? Would be the crying pink kittens, only $10. With so many beautiful styles available I predict an outfit change after lunch.


A light dress for a super hot day. Image: Mamamia.

2. My niece: Mix and Match swim separates, $15 each.

Does my 23-year-old niece ever need to know that her cool swimsuit cost me $30? Hells no. I love that you can mix and match these bikini tops and bottoms, it was something I always did back in the '90s, and we all know that's the height of fashion again now, right?

I used to love matching a patterned top with a plain, flattering pair of bottoms, or that I could wear shorts on the bottom and a bikini on top, and now she can discover the same joy. And, So. Much. To. Choose. From...


"I love that you can mix and match these bikini tops and bottoms." Image: Mamamia.

3. My son: Rocket beach towel, $12.

My little boy thinks he's a T-Rex and an astronaut. He's four, so we'd better cut him some slack, who knows what he'll be this time next Christmas. But he will LOVE this super soft and absorbent velour cotton beach towel. Not least because his sister won't steal it, mostly because she will also be getting her own love heart towel. WINNING.


Perfect for being poolside. Image: Mamamia.

4. My friend's new baby: Mix & Match Bodysuits, two for $8.

One of my dear friends has just had a baby boy. He's so adorable I would like to nibble his ear. But since that's not socially acceptable, I'll just show my adoration, and nostalgia for a time when my babies were... actual babies, by showering her and him with useful but very funky sleeveless bodysuits, available for both baby boys and girls, these are just ideal!

Because anyone who's ever had a baby in summer knows you can't have too many. FACT.


"Funky sleeveless bodysuits." Image: Mamamia.

5. My nephew: Boys Print Speckled Shorts, $12.

These are going to make my sister-in-law's day. Not because she is a nine-year-old boy, but because she has one of those, and there are not enough pairs of board shorts IN THE WORLD to make sure there's always a dry pair that actually meet her sartorial standards throughout the school holidays. These do exactly that - cool, practical and excellent value. TWO, please.


"Cool, practical and excellent value." Image: Mamamia.

6. My running mate: Passive-aggressive active wear singlet, $15

I have a running mate. Not like a Vice-Presidential candidate, but a friend who goes running with me. We are good-naturedly competitive about our equally-rubbish commitment to slogging it around our usual route, and I know she will take this singlet in the spirit it is meant. And that spirit is: I will beat your arse, lady.


Run, rest and repeat. Image: Mamamia.

7. My partner: Star Wars undies, $10.

It's giving way too much away to admit that the man in my life, the father of my children, would love nothing more than to wear these so close to his... heart. But it's true. He's a massive Star Wars nerd, so are several males that you know, and seriously, his smile when he opens this on Christmas morning is going to be about 10o times the retail value.

If the man in your life is more of a Captain America, Superman, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, or NRL fan, you're covered. No brainer. Add to basket.


Perfect for a Star Wars fan. Image: Mamamia.

8. Me: Kick-arse espadrilles, $20

So there's a shopping rule that dictates: Seven for them, one for me. Never heard of it? Really? Sometimes I reduce it to a 1:1 ratio, but that's just me. Whatever, these espadrilles are great, will look excellent with linen shorts or a fresh Summer frock and they are $20. Yes, $20. It really would be rude not to, right? Self-care, people.


Treat yourself. Image: Mamamia.

What are you buying for your family and friends this year?